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Skiing accident Prince Willem Friso

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    For all the royalists, the second son of Queen Beatrix, prince Willem Friso (engineer degree) has been in a skiing accident. He was caugh by an avalange during off track skiing in Austria.

    His vitals are stable but he had to be reanimated and his brains may have suffered lack of oxygen for a critical period of time. The propects are unsure.

    The Netherlands is pretty upset.

    Hang in there, Friso
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    Best wishes to him. Skiing the back-country is exciting, but it can be very dangerous, too.
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    There is some discussion whether it was really off-track, apparently it was a signed side-branch of the regular route.

    I'm not sure about the chances of someone being stuck in very heavy snow for 20 minutes, they appear very slim to me. His body temperature is now being kept at 30oC / 91.4oF for 2-3 days to allow the body tissues to recover slowly, really a low temperature.
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    Miracles happen. On February 3rd a 13 years old boy tried to help his colleague drowning under ice. He helped the other guy, but was not able to get out from the water himself. Before the help arrived he spent 25 minutes under ice, with body temp falling to about 20 deg C. He left the hospital this week, the only know problem being he is not (yet) able to fully straighten out fingers in his right hand.

    http://media.wp.pl/kat,1022943,wid,14222082,wiadomosc.html?ticaid=1df16 - in Polish only.
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    No miracles I'm afraid. He suffered severe brain damage and it's unclear if he will ever wake up again out of coma
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