Skyscraper's Fire Supression System

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In Dwayne Johnson latest movie Skyscraper.. is the fire suppression system that can immediately put out fires based on a real technology?

For 100 stories building.. what kind of fire suppression system do they use? A fire in any floor (say the 40th floor) can have negative impact on the structural safety of the building (imagine 911).. So fire should be put out immediately.. do most super high rise still rely on the sprinklers system? Or is it proprietary fire suppression system?
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I have not seen the movie, but perhaps you saw a Halon 1301 system in use.
The manufacture of Halon was prohibited in 1998, but the use of recycled Halon is still in common use.

I have worked in building with a Halon system - but never saw it discharge.

I have also trained with a variety of fire extinguishers. I never used a Halon extinguisher, but chemical extinguishers are generally really good - much more potent than water.

There are also other fire suppressing agents that can be used (FM-200, INERGEN, and FE-13). See this link:

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