Medical Sleep loss may cause brain damage

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    Shift workers beware: Sleep loss may cause brain damage, new research says

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    Indeed not that surprising: even fruit flies suffer from sleep deprivation. Great research though, the big question is now: how can damage be prevented? Could short naps be sufficient to counter negative effects?
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    Longer term overnight trafficking processes suggest to me that there would be some maintenance processes that require a sufficient amount of time. Whether or not they're important to prevention of tissue damage I'm not sure:
  6. Interesting, some companies it seems to me intuitively know that sleep deprivation is harmful to workers and thus considered it in their policy like shift rotation, maximum 12- hour duty and multiple/flexible day-offs. If proven on human specimen, perhaps such aforementioned company policy will be enacted into labor laws? Maybe not.

    Sleep deprivation also causes accumulation of metabolic waste in the brain of mice specimen...
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