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So no philosophy here?

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    so "no philosophy" here?


    Re: this thread closed by Evo. i think it's as legit a question as one about Multiverses or String Theory, both being quite speculative.

    no philosophy of physics nor philosphy of science? no philosophy floating around in the Cosmology forum? nor the Beyond the Standard Model forum?

    why do they call those credentials a "PhD"?

    i think there is even a philosophy of engineering.

    just curious.
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    With the "demise" of MIH, there is nobody here to moderate a philosophy sub-forum. Some mentors seem quite disinclined to tolerate a trend back there, sticking to hard sciences instead. When I studied philosophy 40+ years ago, the course structure was almost completely "comparative religion", so the speculative edges of that field were replaced by religious history. I really enjoyed that area of study.
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    Sorry rbj, but due to the inability to keep "philosophy' under control, we finally had to make the decision to do away with the philosophy forum.

    See one of the threads about it here.

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