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Solution to the cosmological constant problem

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    Padmanabhan is guilty of another interesting paper - Solution to the cosmological constant problem, http://arxiv.org/abs/1302.3226. Any thoughts?
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    Definetely a good paper its going to take me a bit to do the maths but he is using a well thought out approach
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    Well, these sorts of ideas are a dime a dozen, but it's great that it offers a nice connection between the value of the cosmological constant and something that we might hope to observe at some point in the future (the energy scale of inflation).
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    Hi Chalnoth,

    Would you point out to me what other ideas of this sort exist? His work offers a nice picture, and prediction, of the CC. It is also motivated by well known connection between gravity and thermodynamics. So I'm curious to see what other directions lead to explanations of the CC with as much results and are as well "motivated".
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    Sorry, I don't recall any offhand. They generally just don't interest me. I just know that I see them relatively frequently.
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    Very well, thanks anyway :)
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