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Solve Ernest S. Abers problems

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    I need to solve Ernest S. Abers problems.
    Book is Ernest S. Abers
    University of California, Los Angeles
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    Then solve it!

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    ummm.....ok..... :rofl: :confused:
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    My solution is better than Zapper's =

    Friend in need - friend indeed!
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    sounds good. when you are done, maybe you can hook me up with all of the answers to Jackson's E&M and Sakurai's Adv. QM.

    On a less sarcastic note, I have heard rumours that the chinese have a solutions manual to McQuarrie's Stat. Mech...anyone else heard this too?
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    I thought this was a thread to tell me how to solve Ernest S. Abers problems. I feel disappointed now.
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