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MATLAB Solving equation with integration using MATLAB

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    I would like to solve an equation below using MATLAB:


    All the parameters except p are known, so I only need to solve for p. However since I need to consider the sign of the integrand and there is an absolute value sign in it I don't know how to solve it. Could anyone please help? Thank you.
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    Consider different values of m. Is m an integer? If so, then you will have two cases:
    You have sign(expression) * (abs(expression))^m
    Odd m: sign(expression) * (abs(expression))^m is the same as (expression)^m

    Even m: sign(expression) * (abs(expression))^m will have two choices:
    if expression is positive, then the same as (expression)^m
    if expression is negative, then the same as -(expression)^m

    So see if you can split into cases like this and integrate in portions.
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