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Some (6) poems I have written. I hope you find them of interest.

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    Hello Shadow Maker and welcome. Thanks for the poems, very nice.
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    Thanks hypatia.

    I feel incredibly stupid to have misspelt Comet, Iridium, platinum, tomorrow, poison, occurred and witnessed.

    Sorry about that.....thanks for the welcome.
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    AH i just discovered the edit button! Hazaa!!!
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    Hi Shadow Maker. Please use your blog for posting stories and poems, etc...
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    Evo, I do apogologise profusely. Very sorry.

    I have taken them down.
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    Comet, Iridium, platinum, tomorrow, poison, occurred and witnessed? I didn't see them, but these must be some pretty unique poems.
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    I saw them, but forgot to post. I cannot say about the science side, but I liked them.
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    Don't apologize that hard! It's no big deal.
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    They were great poems, which is why I didn't delete them!!

    Here, they will scroll off the page, in your blog, they are "right there".
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    Now you need to put them in your blog.

    *looks at watch*

    *marches fingers on desktop*

    I'm waiting...
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    To all,

    Okay there up in my blog.

    Took me a while to figure out how to work it.

    It is the origional post, verbatim. (okay with the addition of one new poem :) )

    Thank you for being patient and I do really hope you enoy them/find something to be resonant.


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