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Son interested in Rose Hulman - good or bad

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    My son is interested in attending Rose Hulman in the fall of 2012
    any comments good of bad would help. His field of study would be
    ME. Thanks in advance for you help.
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    From what I hear, it has good programs in science and engineering. They also have an economics major and many "humanities" offered as minors. One thing I found very appealing with them is that they actually have complete lists of all companies that recruit on campus on their websites! All of them are there and all one has to do is filter them out by ticking boxes. (filter by major, type of job - i.e, internship, co-op or full time, etc)

    I find the fees expensive and I personally would never pay 40k/year for a degree...even if I had that kind of money. They do give out scholarships/financial aid to their students though, so make sure your son has applied for scholarships or financial aid.

    This might be of interest to you: http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/rose-hulman-institute-technology/

    You might also want to check out their parents sub-forum. Amidst all the "Chance Me" and related BS threads, there are some good posts and I guess that searching through all that mess for some kind of information/opinion is better than nothing at all! I also noticed that only recent threads are displayed on the forums BUT Google searches return old threads as well. So, try that.

    There's also been a few posts on here about RHIT and you might want to look into those as well. Andy Resnick and Tom Mattson, if my memory serves me right, have both attended RPI, another good 'tech school. If your son is applying there as well, I think those two might be able to give some insight. (they did go there in the 90s though)
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    They don't have many women there. My alma mater didn't have many either and it was kind of a bummer.
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    That's most likely because Rose Hulman is primarily an engineering school, and engineering as a whole is still very much a sausage fest. Something like four out of every five engineering majors are male. Quite regrettable, in my opinion.
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    Which college is that? Were there no other places near the dorms/student accommodation where you could meet girls? A bar or something?

    And the female, 4 times out of 5, is Asian? :rofl:

    For what it's worth, the real sausage fest, imo, would be Deep Springs College. The only women in proximity would be either part of the staff or part of the brothel which is an hour's drive from the "campus"...
    It looks like a great place to be, mind.
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    He has been accepted, we went for a visit last weekend. All the people we met
    were nice (mostly football players and coaches) the players did mention the lack of girls
    as a draw back. IUS is just down the road.My concern is the small size of the school
    how well Know is it outside of Indiana. He also applied to Carnegie Mellon - Purdue-Vandy-Louisville- Kentucky. I am having trouble with the high cost compared to in state tuition at
    Louisville and Ky. Does a degree from a engineering only school carry more weight than a
    state college.The cost will be 2 or 3 times as much.I thought the insight of working engineers would be helpful to him making a choice. Thanks
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    There are really only a few name schools that really turn heads, such as MIT and CalTech. And even then, a few years after graduation, work experience will be more important than where he got his degree.

    Rose-Hulman is a good school, but not really a head-turner. If he has his heart set on it and you can afford it, fine... but a good state school would probably do just as well in the long run.
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    Dr Transport

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    I have worked with 4-5 Rose-Hullman graduates of various degrees (EE, ME and Optical Engineering) over the past 20 years or so. I find them to be as good as or even better than most engineers from other mid-western schools and I'd place them in the top 10% of my many co-workers.

    In Optical Engineering/Optics, I have worked with graduates of the top optics schools, Rochester, Arizona, CREOL, Huntsville and Rose-Hullman. I would hire anyone from R-H over anyone else hands down. No, I am not an alumni, so I can look at this without being biased.
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    Thanks - It will be his choice, i just wanted to get as much info as I could so I can offer him some informed advice.
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