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Source of magnetic field of Neutron stars.

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    If Neutron stars are what they are...
    I mean made of literally only neutrons ...how do they generate such immense magnetic field (of the order 10^8 or something) ..

    I think the name is somewhat misleading and it ought to have a near half ratio of protons ...But still being so compact how do the generate such immense magnetic field ?
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    They inherit most of the magnetic field from the parent star. Magnetic fields survive a supernova just fine, and since the star is so small become extremely concentrated.

    The interiors of neutron stars are a few percent protons and electrons but are extremely dense, so they (I think) have the highest density of charge carriers in the Universe. The star generates an internal magnetic field from that, but not much is known about it.

    In some neutron star a short-lived dynamo appears very early in the star's "life" and generates an extreme magnetic field.
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