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  1. Leonardo Machado

    I Neutron Stars mass and radii observation data

    Hello everyone. I'm currently working on NS mass relations and trying to plot a curve with predicted masses-radii and observations on NS. There are some free data at this website: . I downloaded the .tar file and tried to...
  2. G

    I Why do neutron stars have such powerful magnetic fields?

    The sources I've looked at claim the magnetic field is present because there are still some electrons in the neutron star. Here is how I understand their reasoning: a star's radius significantly decreases when it collapses into a neutron star, ultimately decreasing its moment of inertia. In...
  3. J

    B Black holes cause neutron fusion in neutron stars

    I read an article today stating that the possible explanation for the near total absence of heavier elements such as gold and uranium in many galaxies may be due to those galaxies not forming around a central black hole that has in absorbing one or more neutron stars causing fusion of neutrons...
  4. J

    B Do neutron star atoms touch?

    I have heard that in neutron stars, the atoms do not repel nor do they attract. In a sense, could this mean that these atoms nucleuses could touch each other, or could the atoms touch in general?
  5. N

    B Characteristic age of pulsars

    Hi everyone. I'm trying to derive the formula for the characteristic age of a pulsar. What i'm starting with is the following differential equation. dP/dt=K*P2-n What i think is odd, is several places they say solving this differential equation gives the following solution...