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Spindle gearbox: milling machine tool speed changer

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    Hi guys,

    Im currently working on a spindle gear box and what is required from the gearbox is it to change speeds to 250, 500, 1000, 2500, 4000 rpm. Ive done some research and seen some of the basic layouts of some gearboxes, mainly from a vehicles viewpoint, but what what i am not getting is the gear selector mechanism (its design, components and operation), so does anyone have any info on that? Secondly i would like to automate or control and monitor the speed changing process any help on that will also be incredibly useful

    thank you in advance
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    Hi Just wondering how your gear Box project is going I am also working on one.
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    @ Koenig. Welcome to PF.
    Do you have any problems with your design?
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