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A machine is a human-made device that uses power to apply forces and control movement to perform an action. Machines can be driven by animals and people, by natural forces such as wind and water, and by chemical, thermal, or electrical power, and include a system of mechanisms that shape the actuator input to achieve a specific application of output forces and movement. They can also include computers and sensors that monitor performance and plan movement, often called mechanical systems.
Renaissance natural philosophers identified six simple machines which were the elementary devices that put a load into motion, and calculated the ratio of output force to input force, known today as mechanical advantage.Modern machines are complex systems that consist of structural elements, mechanisms and control components and include interfaces for convenient use. Examples include: a wide range of vehicles, such as automobiles, boats and airplanes; appliances in the home and office, including computers, building air handling and water handling systems; as well as farm machinery, machine tools and factory automation systems and robots.

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  1. painter

    B Generating Energy from Molecular Motion

    This question really troubles me. Since we all know that the molecules are in perpetual random motion, why can't we make a perpetual motion machine by using molecular's always-moving energy?? I‘m a Grade 9 student and I'm unsure about this. :doh::doh::doh:
  2. doctor_no_

    A theoretical nuclear physicist is on board!

    Hi all, I'm a theoretical physicist (by training) who now works on machine learning projects (mostly) but also app and 3D development. I go back to physics whenever I have the chance!
  3. Syandan21

    Is electrical engineering a good major for machine learning/AI jobs?

    Hello, I am looking into electrical engineering because I think it is an awesome major because of the math and physics involved. I am not really into building things though. I love software and computer science-related things, but I do not want to major in CS because it is a very popular major...
  4. ubnt

    Machine design (flange coupling design) a simple question

    Our source book is shiegly if somone answer i hope he give me yhe source of his infortmation
  5. jeff einstein

    B Will the wrench move clockwise?

    Hey There, I was just thinking up some ideas for machines that are independent of the ground to use in my work shop. I came across an idea but still haven’t made the machine, the machine is placed on the shaft of the wrench. I would like to know if this machine can successfully turn the...
  6. H

    Auto/Motor Building an Automatic A0 Paper Folding Machine: Tips and Tricks

    I want to make an automatic A0 folding machine that I can use myself. But I couldn't find the mechanism in the videos I watched, I want to get your opinions.
  7. manareus

    Engineering Machine Elements: are both of these constructions basically the same?

    The construction just basically a bracket that is being held in place by welds and bolts and there is a force acting on it. The textbook answered the first construction and the free-body diagram is shown like this below: I apologize for the picture not being in English, here's the...
  8. shivajikobardan

    Unable to operate coffee vending machine :(

    Started a new job, this is the coffee vending machine. When I click on cappucino, only cappucino comes and it's very bitter(no sugar). The sugar is in "milk" part. But I am not sure how to turn both milk and cappucino at the same time. I've been making a fool of myself by taking 3 glasses, 1 for...
  9. thomas_shvekher

    Newton's First Law to explain Washing Machine Spin Cycle

    I truly am not sure. I assume it is that because everything has inertia, an a tendency to remain in a constant state of motion, when the clothes are quickly spun around they cannot remain in a constant state of motion (of either rest or constant velocity), but the water is "pushed"/spun out of...
  10. D

    Misc. DIY 'ECG' Machine: Testing Feasibility of Wave Transference

    I'm trying to make a DIY 'ECG' machine, except that it'll only record heartbeats on a piece of paper. Basically the piece of paper will be wound round a cylinder like object, which will be being spun slowly by a motor. A pencil at the end of a stick or something will be writing to this piece of...
  11. NeedFreedom

    I Gravity machine force calculations assistance needed

    Im prototyping a machine to lower liquid from a height using a chains and sprockets. Essentially liquid will fill at top, be lowered over a distance of 4.8 metres then emptied at bottom. The liquid needs to be lowered at a slow pace due to resistance on the output shaft, I am considering...
  12. Z

    Angular deceleration of a washing machine spin cycle

    6.0 rev - 1 s 1 rev - 1/6 5.0 rev - (1/6) x 5 = (5/6) s = 0.833 s I do not know how to calculate the angular acceleration
  13. G

    Calculating ##F_{DB}##: Equilibrium in a Machine

    Figure: My attempt at a solution: For the calculation of ##F_{DB}## we consider the equilibrium in the whole machine. $$\left. \begin{array}{r} h\rightarrow h=6\cdot \sin \theta +3=6,44\, \textrm{ft} \\ d\rightarrow d=6\cos \theta -1,5=3,41\, \textrm{ft} \end{array}\right\} \,\, \alpha =\arctan...
  14. G

    Viscosity in lubricating fluid in the bench-guide of a machine

    Figure: bench (bancada), guide (guide), oil (aceite). My attempt at a solution: $$\textrm{extension } L=0,6\, \textrm{m}$$ $$F=1500\, \textrm{N},\,\, c=0,1\, \textrm{m}/\textrm{s},\,\, h=0,0001\, \textrm{m}$$ $$v=5\, \textrm{stoke}=0,0005\, \textrm{m}^2/\textrm{s},\,\, \rho_r=0,9$$ a)...
  15. E

    System of Masses - Atwood Machine

    Would anyone verify whether or not I've formulated the proper Lagrangian here for the system above (the pulleys are massless, inextensible ropes of length ##L## and ##S##): $$\mathcal{L} = T - U $$ $$ \mathcal{L} = \frac{1}{2} m_1 { \dot l_1 }^2+ \frac{1}{2} m_2 \left( { \dot l_2}- {\dot l_1 }...
  16. S

    Engineering Looking for calculations I could apply to a vacuum-forming machine

    So far I have determined the evacuation time, a basic heat transfer between the heating element and plastic sheet, and a hold down force of the forming bed.
  17. mohammadmaaz789

    Understanding Dead Time Compensations in Electric Machine Drives

    https://i.stack.imgur.com/hSOU2.png https://i.stack.imgur.com/wE2Iy.png https://i.stack.imgur.com/R7FKK.png cannot understand this deadtime compensation method. So I have provided the whole cut out of the section of this book. BOOK: Control of Electric Machine Drive Systems Book by Seung-Ki...
  18. A

    Physicist monkey and vending machine story

    So a friend who works in physics told a story at a party the other day I find very interesting that now I just got to find a place with other physicists to ask if he's telling the truth or maybe downed one too many shots. He told a story where a tribe extremely smart monkeys one day finds a...
  19. fresh_42

    Insights P vs. NP conjecture and what is a Turing Machine (TM)?

  20. B

    Leakage Flux Inside a Slot of an AC Machine (dual stator)

    Hello All, Please see the attachments. The pdf file is the IEEE paper I'm reading. Figure 1 show a slot of the AC machine similar to the front view of the picture below: But in one slot, they fit two sets of conductors. The first set carries current i1 in total. The second set carries...
  21. N

    What is the goal of the problem?

    Question: Correct Answer: U and VT in code:
  22. Pipsqueakalchemist

    Mechanics of machine force analysis with analytical method

    So I was looking at this example problem in my textbook and I don’t understand how they got -168.1 degrees. The part I’m confused with is the first part of the 2nd picture, there’s a coma in the inverse tan, I don’t know what that means.
  23. rudransh verma

    Potential energy in case of Atwood machine

    ##T-2mg=2ma_1## (acceleration of heavier mass) ##T-mg=ma_2## (##-a_1=a_2##) On solving the eqns, ##a_1=-g/3=-a_2## ##s=1/2at^2## ##s=-g/6## , distance covered by heavier mass. ##s=g/6## , covered by lighter mass. Edit: ##\Delta U_1=mgh=-2mg^2/6## (decrease in U of heavier mass) ##\Delta...
  24. A

    New Olympic games Logo Designs -- Can Machine Learning help?

    Olympic games logo We have the beautiful logo designed for Olympic games. Five rings of different colours each representing the Continent. Significance of friendship between all continents. Countries representing the Olympic games from various continents. Questions 1 The Origin of this Olympic...
  25. mopit_011

    Halliday Resnick Krane Example Problem: Uncertainty on Weighing Machine

    In the solution to the example problem, they wrote the following statement. “The least significant digit is the units digit, and so your weight is uncertain by about 1 pound. That is, your scale would read 119 lb for any weight between 118.5 and 119.5 lb.” I don’t understand why the scale...
  26. kyphysics

    Could New Washing Machine Be Damaged by Delivery Guy?

    When our new washing machine was delivered, the delivery/installation guy ran a "test wash" cycle. I did not look inside the machine when he did this, as I stood to the side. After the test cycle finished, he left and I assumed all was good, b/c he said it worked. I could, of course, hear...
  27. S

    Convert 1 phase to 3 phase by using an old washing machine

    We were in the process of going off grid when a tree fell over our power line. Hence we got off grid before we were ready as we didn't want to repair the power line. Now everything in the house runs on solar power, except for the well pump. The problem with the well pump is that it is a 3 phase...
  28. M

    Machine learning with image tracking of a line

    Hi PF! At the bottom of a transparent cup full of water is a hole where water drains. The cup is sloshed, so the gas-water interface is not flat. Are there any techniques you're aware of that implement machine learning to track the interface? My current technique not using ML is: 1) splice...
  29. A

    Troubleshooting Game Issues on Virtual Machine

    Game on VM won't work. It did work before i re-created machine, but I don't remember what did i do to get game working. I'm using windows 10 64 bit on machine and host is the same. When i launch the game it's just black screen and music, when I tried to play in window mode it showed the window...
  30. A

    I Why Are There So Few Quantum Time Machine Models?

    As of today, there are plenty of time machine mathematical models based on general relativity theory (warp drives, wormholes), but few ones based on quantum physics. However, back in 2010, Seth Lloyd wrote: "quantum mechanics supports a variety of counter-intuitive phenomena which might allow...
  31. rudransh verma

    B Atwood machine -- Question about the pulley and weights

    I want to ask in this machine when there are two masses hanging down then the tension T is directed upwards along the rope. Is it the force applied by the rope on the mass? Is it the force applied by the pulley? When the anyone mass of the machine moves downwards is it because the force of...
  32. Wrichik Basu

    Courses Which of these Machine Learning courses should I attend?

    I am currently pursuing my undergraduate studies in Physics. While I do know some programming (Java, MATLAB, Python), I have no knowledge in Machine Learning. This is an important field, and I want to study it. I have gone through some online courses, and need your help in determining which of...
  33. B

    Python Forecasting Bitcoin (BTC) with Machine Learning

    Hi everyone, I apologize to the mod if I posted in the wrong section. For my exam of Machine Learning, I would like to implement a part of the work presented in this paper. In this work, the authors used two ML methods in cascade for forecasting Bitcoin. Starting from the initial data, they...
  34. T

    Have a Turing Machine? Can it solve linear algebraic equations?

    I don't understand the Turing Machine. Amazingly this hypothetical device, designed in the 1930s can do everything the most powerful computers can do today, but it would just take much longer. Has anybody ever built one just to solve a simple linear algebraic equation? How long would the tape...
  35. L

    Why are MRI machines so expensive to operate?

    Why is MRI machine use so expensive? Is creating a magnet field of that strength difficult and pricey? I think you get better detail than CT scans that do use radiation. Why the high price? Anyone know?
  36. hackerbot4545

    Studying Successful Study Strategies for Machine Design and Shigley's ME Design Book

    People who have passed Machine Design course & followed Shigley's mechanical engineering design book how did you study for exams? Please provide some study strategies that have worked well for you. So I have Machine Design course for this semester & I find it really tough.Our professor is...
  37. A

    Tracing correct words from Jumbled words using machine learning

    Can we trace all correct words from Jumbled words using machine learning prediction, search algorithms? https://builtin.com/machine-learning/nlp-machine-learning Input Dataset : Jumbled words. Jumbled word example: oolp Output : pool, loop, polo.
  38. M

    I Transferring static charge from a Wimshurst machine to a foil pipe

    Hi everyone. I am an engineer by trade (don’t hold that against me!) but I was trying an experiment for the latest of my crazy inventions and am missing some key logic in static electricity which I was hoping you could identify. Equipment 1. Wimshurst machine (like...
  39. G

    Inertia units for a synchronous machine

    Hello everyone, I'm sorry if this is not the right sub-forum to post this, but this doubt has been haunting me for a while. I've got some rotatory machine -let's say, generic synchronous machine-. Turns out there are typical values for [kg m^2] (inertia) in the 2-10 range; the software I'm...
  40. kyphysics

    Do You Call a Plumber if Washing Machine is Dripping Water in Tub?

    Two questions: 1.) If you have a washing machine that is dripping water into the tub (no leaks outside that I can see), would that typically be a problem that plumbers are called for or some other sort of repair/handyman/technician? 2.) Anyone know what's up with mine? IT WAS WORKING FINE...
  41. Istiak

    Find the equation of motion using the Lagrangian for this Atwood machine

    My understanding of the system from the image (which was given in book) I could see there's 3 tension in 2 body. Even I had seen 2 tension in a body. It was little bit confusing to me. I could find tension in Lagrangian from right side. But left side was confusing to me...
  42. W

    Principal component analysis and data compression in Machine Learning

    I wonder how to accurately perform data compression on the m x n matrix X using PCA. Each row is a data point, and each column is a feature. So m data points with n features. If I like to go k < n dimensions, how is the correct way of doing so? How to I accurately create the matrix W_k, which...
  43. Frabjous

    Computational Introduction to machine learning

    Can anyone provide a good introductory reference to machine learning. Right now, I am interested in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the various ML methods. I am not currently interested in detailed descriptions of their implementation. I am probably going to have to brush up...
  44. F

    What is a Virtual Machine and How is it Used in Cloud Computing?

    Hello, I am about to create (should I say install?) a virtual machine (VM) on my Windows pc to experiment with Linux. My understanding is that a VM is a "software" (or is it more properly a file? Or is it an image? I guess an image is just a big file?) that is run/managed by a hypervisor...
  45. KingBreak

    Is my interpretation of the Atwood's Machine problem correct?

    My Attempt to solve the problem
  46. gleem

    Unlocking Speech Through Brain Implant & Machine Learning

    In a collaboration of several institutions researchers have been able to record the thoughts of a person with a brain stem stroke resulting in anarthria (an inability to articulate speech) by mplanting network of electrodes in the brain and using a machine learning algorithm to decode the...
  47. J

    I What Type of Workbench is Needed for a Press Machine?

    I have recently become interested in automatic press machines, specifically an electro servo model. The press is capable of 5 tons (10,000 lb) of force. My question revolves around understanding what type of workbench I need to put this on top of. I understand the workbench must at least be...
  48. Phylosopher

    How should a physicist learn Machine Learning?

    Hello everyone, I am currently a master student working on physics and neural networks. I have already started producing neural network results (I use tensorflow and keras) so I know how to program the basic things that I am required to do, the problem is that I do not understand them well. I...
  49. A

    Dynamics of a double atwood machine

    I think the equations should be 𝑇−𝑚2𝑔=𝑚2𝑎1 𝑚3𝑔−𝑇=𝑚3𝑎1 𝑇1−𝑚1𝑔=𝑚1𝑎2 2𝑇−𝑇1=(𝑚2+𝑚3)𝑎2 P.S.- My textbook assumes T1 = 2T. I don't understand why that is so.
  50. Y

    Comp Sci How does a washing machine make use of digital electronics?

    I know what Boolean algebra and logic gates are, but I am having a hard time to describe how washing machines operate on digital electronics. Here's my attempt 'Washing machine have various functions like different cycle settings for various temperatures or cycle duration, or a delayed start...