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Stable and unstable configuration of double helical gear

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    Hi :

    according to :https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gear#Helical

    the stable configuration is when the cave in one of the gear's "V" teeth drives the arrow of the other "V".

    where unstable configuration is when the arrow part of V drives the cave of the other V

    so assuming the direction of motion is up

    unstable : ^ stable V (how the teeth in contact looks like from above)

    my question is : do we want to re allign the driving gear or the pinion? because while the driving gear may re-allign itself in the stable configuraiton, the pinion would tend to crock more to the other direction. and vice versa with unstable configuration.

    on the wikipage when they say netforce/thrust, I am assuming that are talking about the net force/thrust on each of the gears (or else that would be an internal force)

    while one gear is pushed to the left, the other is pushed to the right, which means while one gear is being alligned back into it's desired position, the other is being misallign even more.

    like this:
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    oh or maybe they are referring to the other type of axial misalignment?
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