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Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life.
The CM process is widely used by military engineering organizations to manage changes throughout the system lifecycle of complex systems, such as weapon systems, military vehicles, and information systems. Outside the military, the CM process is also used with IT service management as defined by ITIL, and with other domain models in the civil engineering and other industrial engineering segments such as roads, bridges, canals, dams, and buildings.

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  1. C

    Chemistry Understanding electronic configuration

    I don't really understand this electronic configuration of a thing. Suppose I want show the electronic configuration of calcium, how do I show it? Is like this 2, 8, 8, 2 or $$1s^22s^22p^63s^23p^64s^2$$
  2. Pradyuman

    A Wave-packet in configuration space

    In the book "Group theory and it's Applications to the Quantum Mechanics of atomic spectra " by Eugene P. Wigner in chapter 4 The elements of quantum mechanics it is written What does the wave-packet and the refractive index implies here.How to interpret this?
  3. jbeale

    I Name for one kind of Czerny-Turner monochromator configuration?

    Can anyone say if there is a specific name for the Czerny-Turner monochromator configuration shown below, but specifically when the two mirrors M1 and M2 extend into each other and combine forming one monolithic mirror M12 with one single radius of curvature? I thought I saw such a design years...
  4. PainterGuy

    B The configuration of galaxies in space

    Hi, In the picture below, M is Milky Way Galaxy in red, both A's are Andromeda Galaxy in positions P1 and P2 , and W is some random galaxy. Milky Way Galaxy lie in one plane just like all the planets in solar system. In what configuration Andromeda Galaxy lies? Does it lie almost at the same...
  5. L

    I Can configuration space be observer independent?

    We can formulate the spacetime in an observer/coordinate independent way, i.e. a particle becomes a worldline in the 4d space. Then relative to each observer, the worldline can be casted to a function in R^3. However, I haven't found any reference on formulating configuration space in a...
  6. anubhavsingh

    CMRR in open loop and closed loop configuration of opamp

    For an opamp in open look configuration, Here Ad should be equal to open loop gain of opamp and Now consider the closed loop config of opamp (negative feedback used): However, Ad is closed loop gain here (according to Sedra Smith) and In terms of open loop gain, A is open loop gain...
  7. plmustard

    B Bell Test Configuration Question

    Qutools makes quantum physics kits for educational purposes. Its quED kit is designed to help students learn about entanglement by performing Bell tests. In the manual section 5.1 it describes "the simplest test to verify entanglement of photon pairs." My question is if the entangled photons...
  8. M

    I Configuring Laws of Motion: Static/Dynamic

    $$\Box A_\alpha +\mu^2 A_\alpha = 2\beta A_\mu \partial_\alpha A^\mu + \frac {4\pi}{c} J_\alpha$$ where ##A=(\Phi, \vec A)## and ##J=(\rho, \vec J)## using a static configuration first where ##α=0## and then a dynamic one where ##α=i## knowing that ##E= - \nabla^2 \Phi - \frac {\partial...
  9. I

    Chemistry Platinum ion electron configuration

    The answer is [Xe] 4f14 5d8. Why does platinum (and other 6th and 7th period d-block elements) have 4f14 instead of 4f7? Thanks.
  10. wrobel

    A Something about configuration manifolds in classical mechanics

    I think it could be interesting. Consider a mechanical system A circle of mass M can rotate about the vertical axis. The angle of rotation is coordinated by the angle ##\psi##. A bead of mass m>0 can slide along this circle. The position of the bead relative the circle is given by the angle...
  11. V

    STM32 BLDC driver advanced configuration

    Hello Community, i have a X-NUCLEO-IHM08M1 BLDC driver which will be controlled by a HMI (generic industrial product) combined with Nucleo nucleo-f401re. I developed the HMI part and currently i work on communication between the HMI and the Nucleo. I would appreciate any help to configure the...
  12. B

    Is this an idea or a device? (fusion plasma confinement configuration)

    The idea itself is to create in a toroidal chamber a spiral-shaped plasma filament with a singularity in the form of a ring of rotating plasma, in which the concentration of ions and the duration of nuclear interaction increase during electrostatic compression. For this, it is proposed to wind a...
  13. C

    Is the Configuration of Magnetic Fields Only a Convention?

    If I understand correctly, the concept of electric and magnetic fields originated with Faraday and was developed by reconceptualizing forces acting at-a-distance. For example, the electric field concept was developed by looking at the force on a test charge in the presence of a source charge...
  14. LCSphysicist

    Energy of a configuration of two concentric spherical charged shells

    I found the total work done is: ##\frac{q^2}{8\pi \varepsilon a} + \frac{q^2}{8\pi \varepsilon b} + \epsilon \int E_{1}.E_{2} dv## The third is a little troublesome i think, but i separated into threeregions, inside the "inside" shell, between both shell and outside both. Inside => ##E_{1}.E_{2}...
  15. S

    I Differential form of the velocity equation in a non-standard configuration

    I'm reading a text on special relativity (Core Principles of Special and General Relativity), in which we start with the equation for composition of velocities in non-standard configuration. Frame ##S'## velocity w.r.t. ##S## is ##\vec v##, and the velocity of some particle in ##S'## is ##\vec...
  16. SamRoss

    I Seeking better explanation of some quantum stats formulae

    In "Introduction to Quantum Mechanics", Griffiths derives the following formulae for counting the number of configurations for N particles. Distinguishable particles... $$ N!\prod_{n=1}^\infty \frac {d^{N_n}_n} {N_n !} $$ Fermions... $$ \prod_{n=1}^\infty \frac {d_n!} {N_n!(d_n-N_n)!}$$...
  17. J

    Electrical Armature winding configuration

    I am testing an ac armature ohms all seem ok except for to spots 180 degrees apart on opposite side the ohms are higher than the rest when measuring from bar to bar. I do not know from the readings if I have two opens or just one. To me it seems I have no shorts just opens. I made diagram of...
  18. Kaushik

    General electronic configuration of the d and f block elements

    Is it ##(n-1)d^{1->10}ns^2 \ or \ (n-1)d^{1->10}ns^{0->2}## ? My textbook says it is the latter. But I feel like it should be the former. Moreover, period 6 and 7 has the presence of f-orbitals. So adding## (n-2)f^{0->14}## would make it more general. Isn't it? And also what about the f-block...
  19. rachelmaddiee

    Chemistry Nitrogen: Atomic Number 7 & Electron Configuration

    Nitrogen has an atomic number of 7. Thus, A nitrogen atom has 7 electrons. Nitrogen’s electron configuration is: [He] 2s2 2p3 The nitrogen element has five valence electrons present in 2s and 2p orbitals. So it would have five dots placed around the symbol for nitrogen. Is this correct? I need...
  20. Buzz Bloom

    I Fraction of solar systems with an Earth-moon configuration?

    Although I have over the years seen reports about simulations of the the Earth's moon's origin by a variety of possible mechanisms, none of these reports have ever reported the probability of such events. What is a reasonable estimate of the fraction of solar systems that have a planet of a size...
  21. R

    I Configuration probability of partitioned objects

    With N objects, if I arrange each without replacement into K distinct partitions in which different object orders should not be accounted for: - For distinct objects I get a total number of Wtot = K^N ways to partition them, and a specific distribution with N1 objects in partition 1, N2 objects...
  22. A

    Electron Configuration Question

    There are two kind of electron configuration as I read so far. There are one such as spdf and other such as, for example, 2 8 8 2. What is the name of these electron configurations? What is the difference?
  23. V

    Finding an element using quantum configuration

    havent done this stuff in lile 5-6 years so can't remember half of what to do lel. the first part i would like a yes/no please, Thanks. Given the quantum numbers (6,2,2,+1/2) what is the element, i said UUB becasue the first two numbers indicate 6D and the second would mean its +2 and positive...
  24. C

    I In what cases (precisely) are Hund's rules valid?

    I can't find on any good source (such as a textbook) a precise specification about the cases when Hund's rules (especially Hund's third rule) for an electronic configuration of atom are valid (the rules help to select the lowest energy state of a configuration). As far as I understood: Hund’s...
  25. G

    Faraday disc: different configuration question

    I started thinking about this again because it never really left my mind. Now we know the three different scenarios for the Faraday homopolar disc,1) The disc rotates while magnet and brushes with the circuit they connect stay stationary in the laboratory reference frame = result , current...
  26. sams

    A Difference between configuration space and phase space

    Lagrangian Mechanics uses generalized coordinates and generalized velocities in configuration space. Hamiltonian Mechanics uses coordinates and corresponding momenta in phase space. Could anyone please explain the difference between configuration space and phase space. Thank you in advance for...
  27. lc99

    Carnot Engines Question -- Composite Configuration Efficiency

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Trying to figure this out. So, I'm thinking that adding a extra resevoir for another engine will not add efficiency. It will should split up the W done by the heat reservoir. It just seems to make sense that way. So would the...
  28. Jordan M

    Theoretical ξr of a molecule from the absolute configuration

    I am wondering if anybody knows how to calculate the theoretical relative permittivity of a molecule (1) using the theoretical configuration and values that are easily accessible (2). I am also wondering what the technique would be. In my pharmaceutical reaction class and also O-chem 2 we have...
  29. rocdoc

    I Quantum Field Configurations and Wavefunctions

    Could anyone explain what a quantum field configuration is, and any relation this concept may have to the idea of a wavefunction? Perhaps for a scalar, quantum field?
  30. yecko

    Electron configuration of Fe(2+)

    Homework Statement Electron configuration of Fe(2+) Homework Equations spdf configuration The Attempt at a Solution 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d3 4s2 But from (https://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1232420), it says 1s2 2s2 2p6 3s2 3p6 3d6. isn't electrons fill up 4s shell first...
  31. V

    A Light polarization in charged exciton in Voigt configuration

    Dear all, I'm studying a charged exciton system, composed by two ground states (electron spin up 1/2 and down state -1/2) and the two heavy hole trion state (up 3/2 and down -3/2). In this case the light which couples two ground states and the trion state has right/left polarization, to...
  32. Pushoam

    I Particular configuration of a system and grand partition fn.

    I don't understand how could be a particular configuration described by eqn. (29.4). Why is it said a particular configuration? I know that this is the grand Boltzmann factor for one particle in energy state ##E_1##. But how does it describe configuration of the system?
  33. S

    Optimal configuration of holes in a tube

    Given a tube that requires a series of holes to be drilled into it, in general terms, what would be the optimal pattern/shape/spacing of holes to maintain structural integrity, particularly against a force acting in an axial direction ie, on the end of the tube? That is, to prevent buckling?
  34. G

    L-Idose (configuration, chirality and stereocenters)?

    I'm struggling with the following problem: Draw (using Haworth notation) the L-Idose Is it chiral? Nominate every functional group Mark every stereocenter Now, I tried doing the following, but I'm quite frankly confused: which one Idose is the correct (meaning the true L-) one?
  35. J

    3 Phase Systems in a Wye Configuration

    Hello, I have been going over the above topic and have a question about the neutral point of a balanced wye configuration. Would the line to line voltage remain constant? I am trying to picture two sine waves 120° apart and it's making me think the Va would be reducing as Vb was increasing at...
  36. theideasmith

    Difference in potential energy of two charge configurations

    Chapter 24, Question 61 Given two configurations, ##C_1##, ##C_2## of ##N## point charges each, determine the smallest value of ##N## s.t. ##V_1>V_2##. ##C_1##: ##N## point charges are uniformly distributed on a ring s.t. the distance between adjacent electrons is constant ##C_2##: ##N-1##...
  37. S

    How do I add S/R configuration to this?

    Edit by Mentor: thread moved from the other forum, hence no template used. The problem tells me to determine the S/R configurations of each chiral center in the compound, which I have drawn in the picture above. As you can see the numbers assigned by atomic # are not in order. How would I go...
  38. peroAlex

    Current density of specific configuration

    Homework Statement Two hollow metal spheres (left one has radius of 0.7 meters and right one has radius of 0.4 meters) are half-submerged in the sea water with specific conductance of γ = 4 S/m. Distance between their centers is much greater than their radii dimensions and equals 60 meters...
  39. nothing909

    Pin configuration & Internal block diagram of an optocoupler

    Homework Statement In that pin configuration, what does the triangle and rectangle in the middle represent?
  40. J

    I Hartree Fock v.s. Configuration Interaction

    Hey everyone, For my studies I have to read a part about approximation methods in Quantum Mechanics. Unfortunately I'm having difficulties understanding some concepts. If I'm correct, for describing a multi fermionic system of n electrons, the Hartree Fock (HF) method uses a Slater determinant...
  41. Kara386

    I The ##1s^2## configuration of helium can't be triplet state?

    I thought this could be explained as follows: a singlet state is one with ##S=0##. Electrons have spin ##\frac{1}{2}## or ##\frac{-1}{2}##, and in the ##1s^2## state there are two electrons. For it to be a triplet state both electrons would have to be spin ##\frac{1}{2}## which isn't allowed, by...
  42. V

    Electron Config for Cd2+: Kr 4d10

    Homework Statement Write the electron configuration for Cd 2+. Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [Kr] 4d10 Whenever we remove electrons do we always remove it from the s orbital in that period. So for cadium ion we remove 5s2 correct? But let's say it's Mn 2+ would we remove the...
  43. D

    Consider the configuration consisting a +q charge....

    and two -q charges aligned along the x-axis as follows... -q__________q__________-q <--- the space between them being d a) Suppose the +q charge is displaced perpendicularly by a small vertical distance dy. What is the total force F acting on it? Taylor expand your answer to leading order in...
  44. nehCrM

    I Electron configuration vs. Lewis dot structure?

    I am trying to make a connection between the two in terms of the electron configuration for an atom relative to the octet rule for Lewis Dot diagrams. Maybe I just don't understand what the electron configuration represents. Why is it that Lewis Dot diagrams utilize 8 valence electrons as a full...
  45. Labyrinth

    I Function for line segment configuration between dots

    If I have n dots, how many configurations exist for lines that connect them, including no connections? For example, if I have 0, or 1 dots I believe this should be 0 since no connections are possible (or perhaps I should consider the single dot as having a single connection to itself?) If I...
  46. Hons K Wyn

    Magnets and coils configuration for electricity generation

    My dad is working on a project where he intends to convert mechanical into electrical energy, and he was wondering if a particular magnet and coil configuration works for electricity generation. And if it does, how are the voltage and current calculated. Lets say: The coils have a diameter of...
  47. C

    B Why is the noble gas configuration inert?

    Walther Kossel and Gilbert Lewis: "During the formation of a chemical bond, atoms combine together by gaining, losing or sharing electrons in such a way that they acquire nearest noble gas configuration." By what understanding I have so far, and do correct me if I'm wrong, atoms tend to attain...
  48. Benighted

    How to interpret this circuit configuration? (Sensor bridge)

    So, I'm asked to demonstrate the formulas for finding out the voltage labeled here as ΔU, which I'm given in my project document: I think I would be able to make the demonstrations without any outside help, if only I knew how I'm supposed to interpret this circuit branch in the middle. Is it...