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Star Calculator (Excel spreadsheet)

  1. May 15, 2009 #1
    Hello my name is Kristoffer and Im new here :)
    I have made a spreadsheet in MS Excel to compare star-data and need some help try it out. Testing.
    This filesize is about 15 mb (4,5mb zip-packed)

    I have not taken any astronomy class or something like that. So im not 100% sure the formulas i've made (looking them up on the internet) are correct. I have not set any password on thiss spreadsheet, feel free to use it how you want.

    I hope you like this sheet.

    http://kumlabunkern.no-ip.com/annat/files/star.jpg [Broken]

    Some of the functions:

    > Bayer, Flamesteed, HD, Propper names included
    > Search function
    > Compare star data
    > HR-diagram
    > Downscale distances
    > Travel to the stars function
    > Move stars function
    > Add star to database function
    > Edit database

    - Bayer/Flamesteed Name
    - Short name
    - HD catalogue name
    - Variable
    - Binary
    - Visible Magnitude
    - Distance
    - Right Accencion
    - Declination
    - Spectral type(s)
    - Absolute Magnitude
    - Bolometric Magnitude
    - Absolute Visual Magnitude
    - Luminosity
    - Bolometric Luminosity
    - Color/Startype
    - Mass
    - Radii
    - Volume
    - B-V Color index

    Some known problems:

    If you have an old computer you can suffer some loadingtimes when calculating all data.

    URL: http://kumlabunkern.no-ip.com/annat/files/star_calculator_2.0.zip [Broken]
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  3. May 25, 2009 #2
    How about a link to a page which doesn't download something? What if the zip file is a virus? Can we trust you?
  4. May 25, 2009 #3
    That link goes to my personal webserver @ http://kumlabunkern.no-ip.com/annat/ [Broken]
    There is no virus in the file. Its a spreadsheet compressed as a zip-file. You can trust me :)
    The file contains some macros, for sorting constellations, adding stars etc
    If you dont want the macros, you can just turn it off.
    But as I said, no viruses!
    // Kristoffer Åberg, Kumla, Sweden
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