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Hippacros star catalogue - astrometric calculations

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    I am figuring out what are fields in Hippacros star catalogue because I am working on my own space simulator program much like Celestia and Orbiter. That data file is very new to me for my programming.

    Does anyone recommend any good books that teach about Hippacros for astrometrics and calculations, etc?

    Does anyone know any calculation about parallax (distance determination), proper motion and radial velocity (3D velocity), color index, spectral class, and magnitude to display star in sky?

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    There is a wealth of information availible on the web and in basically any textbook on astronomy. What is your background in physics and mathematics?
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    Ok, I have strong background in Calculus. I am currently learning some about physics like gravity, etc. I did wrote a program to simulate orbit by using gravity formula. I received computer science degree when I graduated from college. Now I am interested in astrophysics and astronomy for my 3D space engine program like space flight simulator.

    I did checked some websites about astronomy and astrophysics. I prefer astrophysics textbook for great wealth of mathematics formula. I got "3D Astronomy with Java", "Astronomical Algorithms", and "Methods of Orbit Determination for the Microcomputer" from Willmann-Bell website.

    I still need find good astrophysics textbook to explain about stellar structures with deep mathematics like color index, astrometry, etc. I checked Amazon.com and find a book called "Stellar Astrophysics". I think that it might be good textbook. Also, I find "Astrophysics with a PC" at Willmann-Bell website. I am still looking for astrometry textbook to explain about stellar for catalogue data files.

    I read many astronomy books about some mathematics but they did not teach about star catalogue for calculations to display a star because I did not understand some fields are for like error rate, etc for accuracy. I will use basic numbers like RA, dec, and mag and will determine error rates, etc. later.

    I still need to find some information about color index to determine color value like RGB value (blackbody radiation and apparent color) by using color index or B-mag/V-mag from catalogue data.

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    That sounds like a solid library.

    I don't think you'll be able to find a "Stellar Catalogues for PC" book but there is a huge amount of info on Hipparcos at:

    A detailed (138 pages) of the data fields (part of Vol 1 of the catalogue) is availible here: http://www.rssd.esa.int/SA-general/Projects/Hipparcos/pstex/sect2_01.pdf

    Here is one approach: http://www.vendian.org/mncharity/dir3/starcolor/details.html
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