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Stars in the Western sky in early evening

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    There were two stars one above the other in the Western Sky just after sunset. I think they were planets. One could by Uranus but I am not sure what the other may be.

    I am at:


    Can anyone help?
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    Saw this last night. It was a great view. I knew for sure one of them was Venus (so bright!), but wasn't sure about the other one. Thanks...
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    You Guys should check out the view on December 1st, when the moon joins them, some astronomers are calling it the 'best sky show' of the year!

    Clear Skies

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    You can see the two planets converge on Dec1. They are just less than 2 degrees apart. European people can see the Venus eclipse on Dec 1 as well. The moon will occult Venus for a while.
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