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Starting a Robotics Club - Advice?

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    Hi guys! I'm actually new to forums in general so I don't exactly know how anything works or if this is even the right place to be posting this. Sorry if it isn't. The overall gist of my predicament is, I'm a senior trying to start a robotics club at my school and I don't really know that much about robotics or how robotics clubs/competitions usually work. So I've been talking to some people and teachers from other schools and they suggested that I use forums? Does anyone have any advice on how to organize meetings/prepare for competitions/gather funds or anything of the sort? I'm from Canada and I was considering either the VEX competition or FRC but everyone has been telling me that FRC is very advanced and expensive. ALL advice and insight will be deeply appreciated thanks!
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    hi ya Leanne
    welcome to PF :)

    googling for robotics forums would probably be a good place to start :)

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    If you're just starting up, you may want to consider a LEGO robotics club. It sounds like little kid stuff, but they really have some advanced capability for those with the imagination. Plus, it's cheap. My FRC team had to have a budget of about $4.5k every year, and my VEX class would cut that down to under $1000, but a LEGO team could be set up for relatively cheap. Once the club has some traction, the school will probably sponsor a bigger / more advanced team!
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