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Statement of purpose advise

  1. Dec 23, 2015 #1
    Hi there,

    I am applying for a Phd in mathematical Physics (actually towards Quantum gravity at Nottingham). I recently wrote a Statement of purpose for another university but my focus there was a bit different. For this PhD at nottingham I clearly know who I want to work under, why I am interested in their research, in fact I have read a review paper by the prospective supervisor and want to work in that same direction.
    Like I said I wrote a SOP before.. I am trying to tweek that one a little bit, but I am really anxious about messing it up. In this case (Nottingham) I know why this research excites me and I don't want to beat around the bush in the SOP- research proposal (Its not really a Research proposal because there is a project currently available so you see).
    My earlier approach to writing SOP ( RP) was describe the courses I took that lead me to decide why this field of research interests me now, even though my thesis wasn't in the same direction. But now I am not sure if this very approach is the right one..and advice in this direction? I want to highlight that reading that paper I found a perfect match in my motivation for the field and his direction of work and I am a bit unsure how to keep that point alive in a 1000 words long written piece- when it sounds a bit odd to say so in the very beginning of the SOP, and hence I am thinking to keep it to the second last paragraph. Can someone please advise me here?
    (I know even at this point I sound really confused the way I have written this thread, but here I am unable to organise my thoughts to write properly) Somehow every time I sit down to work on SOP and application it gets too stressful and I give up, but now it is high time..
    Any help is appreciated. Thank you
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  3. Dec 23, 2015 #2
    Who is it? Is it one of the gang from Sixty Symbols? :oldsmile:


    You don't need to keep it alive that long. I would be honest about the things you did and were interested in up the point you read that paper as well. For the first 700 words talk about the things you did on the path to find where your interests really were, and then use the last 300 to talk about how you finally found what you were looking for after finding the paper and want to now work in that direction.
  4. Dec 23, 2015 #3
    This person isn't in SixtySymbols. It is Prof Kirill Krasnov.
    And Thank you for the other part of the advice.
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