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Statistical test, samples of very different sizes

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    So, I am working with a professor on some astronomy research. I need two compare two samples but one of them has a much smaller size due to the lack of observations.

    The samples have about 5 parameters. I don't know much about statistics but from reading so far I think the Kolmogorov–Smirnov test would be the most appropriate.

    Is that correct or is there any other tests I might want to look into? I need to see if the two samples are the same despite the fact that one is drawn from a smaller data set.

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    Do you mean you need to investigate the underlying distributions - do the two samples come from the same probability distribution?

    Couple questions:
    1) What are the sample sizes?
    2) The parameters that need to be estimated - what are they?
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    1. The samples are planets orbiting different type stars. One of the types of stars has planets inherently harder to observe so its sample is smaller but I want to see if the distribution of the different types of planets for the two star types despite this difference
    2. The parameters are things like mass, period, eccentrity, semi-major axis etc.
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