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Steamline, Pathline, Streakline

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    This topic is about streamlines, pathlines and streaklines. Please could you see if you could help me out, only if you answer one of the questions would be a great help. Thanks alot:smile:

    1) When are these line identical??

    2) Is the visualied line a streamline, pathline or a streakline in the following cases.

    a) The stream plume released from a vent pipe at a power plant.

    b) The vapour trail of a jet airplane.

    c) The smoke released from a source upstrean of a model in a wind tunnel experiment. The wind tunnel flow is steady.

    d) A nuetrally bupyant helium ballon carried in the wind.
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    They are identical in steady flows, i.e the velocity at a point does not change.
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