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Strangest hypothetical objects in space?

  1. Jul 30, 2016 #1

    What strange hypothetical objects in space do you know of? Example: Magnetar, pulsar, black hole.

    As I am currently writing a sci fi book for children,
    I am trying to probe the universe of your mind in search of extraterrestrial objects.
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    Einstein-Rosen bridges
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    I actually have a wormhole as a character in the book!
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    Yes, I actually do have cosmic strings!
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    Tannhauser Gate.

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    I don't have that object. But maybe i will have one now!

    I only wished the object had a cooler name

    Any more suggestions?

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    Why sorry?
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    If you'd like more science fiction than science, Dyson spheres are a popular topic.
    Can you clarify this? It might help with suggestions.
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    Dark matter.
    Dark energy.
    Quantum foam.
    Photon pressure.
    Colliding galaxies.
    Colliding black holes.
    Hawking radiation.
    Extra dimensions.
    Goldilock planets.
    Water, lots of.
    Frozen oceans.
    The great wall.
    Strange attractors.
    Alien life?
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    There are objects that are considered real like neutron stars and black holes, and objects that stem from Sci-Fi books (the death star or a dyson sphere). I intended to group these subjects together into one category. So any suggestion, basically, is valid.
  14. Aug 5, 2016 #13

    Great suggestions! Thank you!

    I do have almost all - except branes, extra dimensions, strange attractors, CMB, photon pressure (which I think is a force, not a object). I do have some elements of string theory (multiverse and strings), but I don't know what do to with the extra dimensions - those tiny curled up dimensions, I mean. I need to think deeply about this.
    Oh, I had never heard about strange attractors. However, I don't know if they exist in the universe. Do you? I saw a picture of one. It was absolutely beautiful.

    If you have more suggestions, more objects, please share them!

    Thank you
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    Well since this is sci-fi there are tachyons. which almost certainly are fiction,
    and there are quark stars, which just possibly might exist.
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    Heh heh, I liked this one.

    Bureaucratium is an element which has a negative half life, becoming more larger, massive and sluggish as time goes by.
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    When I wrote strange I meant great. As for object vs. force, here's a riddle:

    Photons move at c
    which means they're massless, see.
    Yet they have a push, I hear --
    But with no mass, how can they bear?
  19. Aug 8, 2016 #18

    Exactly, tychions are vital to me at this point

    Regarding quark stars, I've read somewhere that they are supposed to have more density than neutron stars. I wonder what the densest form of matter is? Maybe quark-gluon plasma...
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    I will use the Great Attractor for something mysterious, where something is hidden...
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