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Strangest reason you have heard someone complain

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    Given that strange complaints seem to be in the news a lot , thought I would start this thread

    What are the strangest reasons you have heard people complain about
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    I once took a general education class that was considered by some to be an "easy A." (For the record I took it because I was actually interested in the subject. No, really.)

    Anyway, the professor got wind of this and of course decided to make the course a little more challenging. So on the mid-term the students (in general) were upset at the surprising level of difficulty. Rather than the simple regurgitation of basic concepts that had been tested in previous years, the professor asked questions that probed for a deeper level of understanding of the material

    In the class after everyone got their marks back one student stood up and quite vocally complained that the mid-term exam tested our understanding of the material. Most of the class, just sat there in stunned silence.
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    Recently, or over the past 57 years?

    My dad once complained that he couldn't understand why I was playing with a "non-white" child when I was 6 years old.
    That would have been 51 years ago. (Holy bejeezits I'm getting old!)

    Anyways, I told him; "Because he's my friend".

    Dad never again asked me another stupid question.

    I guess this is why I've always liked that song by CSN&Y; "Teach your parents well".
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    Similar to this I always heard never ending complaints in school of students objecting to the teacher giving an exam one day because there was another exam the same day.

    Another time the whole class group in high school made a secret arrangement to all not go to school one day except for me. I did not agree with them and went to school. My homeroom teacher rebuked me: "Why did you come?! I don't understand why did you come despite everyone else having decided not to come today!" as if it was an unforgivable sin of me to go to school. I was astonished at how I was scolded and yelled at for going to school. :rolleyes:
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    Because they had to walk a whole 30 extra seconds because the parking space they wanted wasn't available.
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