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I Strong force and superposition

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    I apologize if this question seems like gibberish, Its been annoying me.
    I tried to ask this once but i didnt ask it properly.

    If there was a complex structure of sub atomic particles, and each sub atomic particle was in its individual space time vector, or eigenstate, and they where each entangled with there superpositions, would they make up the same complex structure?

    Also, would strong force keep them bound @ there superposition after wave function collapse do to observation
    I can't understand why strong force would cease to function @ the superposition?
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    Unfortunately, it is gibberish. Part of the problem is that it makes no sense to think of individual particles with distinct and independent states inside of a system as complex as a collection of particles interacting through the strong force.

    I doubt that you'll be able to find a satisfactory answer until you've studied enough quantum field theory to pose the question more clearly.

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