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Studying Studying theoretical physics at the same university

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    At the moment, I'm doing my Master degree in theoretical physics. I'd like to do a doctoral program in the field of quantum field theory. My partner is also doing his Master degree at the same university like me (in Switzerland). He is more interested in the field of astrophysics.

    We are therefore wondering, if there is some possibility that we could do our doctoral program at the same university somewhere abroad. Do we have the chance to work both in Canada at the same university? Or is it rather improbable to stay together in furture?
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    This depends on whether you can find a school with a program that has the options that appeal to both of you, and whether you both qualify for acceptance into that program. If you are both strong students, it shouldn't be a problem.

    In the event you get accepted at different schools, it is possible (although understandably not desirable) to remain in a relationship over a distance. Many schools in Ontario for example, are reasonably close together (i.e. within a few hours of each other by bus/train).
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