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Suggest items to bring to college!

  1. Aug 3, 2009 #1
    So I'm trying to figure out all the stuff I'll need to buy for my room/school when I get to university in a couple weeks. I found quite a few items http://www.oldeducator.com/top_100_things_to_bring_to_colle.htm" [Broken].

    What would you suggest a new college kid should have? Anything handy, dandy, not on the list above, and useful.

    I'm a first year physics major by the way (but I doubt I'll need anything major-specific for the first year or two). I just thought of something:

    Rubbing alcohol
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    I didn't live in the dorms very long, but one of my roommates was from mainland China. She enjoyed cooking...in our dorm room. Fish, even. Did I mention I didn't live in the dorms very long?

    This probably won't happen to you, but my suggestion: air freshener.

    One thing on the list I don't recommend: TV. There will be TVs in the common rooms, but you won't have much time to sit around watching them.
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    That's a pretty good list! Even had Frisbee on it -- I'm impressed.

    I especially like the list of what not to bring (in addition to lisab's good suggestion of not bringing a TV):

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    You can expect at least one person you know to bring a TV along with any video game system you desire. Just make friends with the right people if that's important to you
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    Its probably wise to find out whats included in the dorm you will be staying at. I know the best thing my BF ever brought me was an alarm clock that made white noise so I could sleep through the 3 or 4 fire alarms we had every night. My dorm room came with mirrors, a phone, phone books and everything, I just needed sheets and blankets. I also invested in a fan, since the heat in the winter was pretty incredible. Youll need the obvious school supplies, but some extras to note:
    -Shower shoes since other people feet are gross!
    -one of those little hand held dust buster vacuums (it took all day to get a hold of a vacuum in my residence)
    -pajamas you dont mind being seen in
    -A caddy for carrying your bathroom things with you to shower
    -Any necessary cords and hook ups for your computer (I had no idea I would need CAT cable)
    -A small bar fridge can be really handy since its much cheaper to buy groceries than to eat on campus. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish with a microwave!
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    Just go there once with minimum possible things and see what you need. I never touch like 40% of the material I bring. Don't buy things because people say so- everyone has different needs.

    This might not apply to girls I believe.
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    I suppose I should mention I have a sink with a mirror above it in the dorm room, and a mini-fridge.

    I'll definitely have to add some of these ideas; that list has a lot of stuff on it, but is by no means comprehensive.
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    People play video games in college ? And people in the US pay for college ?
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    Some good "cup" headphones for when your roommate thinks that the room being dark and you being in bed means you are asleep and unable to hear him and his girlfriend.

    The biggest problem you are going to have is duplicating non-personal things like televisions, stereos, and mini-fridges.
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    Answer to both questions: it depends. I'm poor, so I don't pay for college. Oh, and I don't play video games.
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    You have a good start to do great in college.
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    Take a crate of beer: easiest way to break the ice.
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    I didn't play video games in college.

    On the other hand I play a lot of video games in grad school. Maybe that means I'm not getting enough research done...
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    Coffee maker perhaps? My friend tells me he found many inventive ways of making food in his room with a coffee machine, ramen being the most common. No cooking appliances were allowed in the rooms except coffee machines. Apparently they had a microwave in the commons room but it was incredibly disgusting because no one ever cleaned it.

    If you are allowed cooking appliances I would suggest a rice cooker. Rice is cheap and the cooker makes it incredibly easy.
  16. Aug 4, 2009 #15
    I grew up in a very large mansion. When I went to school it was so far from home that I could not get back there except on the long breaks. So my parents set me up in a townhouse where I could be comfortable and with a staff of servants so I could entertain guests in a style similar to what I was used to at home. Even so, the small size of the townhouse meant that I had to give up many of the things I was used to having. After all, you can't just pack up the indoor swimming pool and take it with you now can you? And even if you could, where would you put it? So I had to make difficult decisions on what to bring with me. The Lambourghini, of course, and the home entertainment center, the riding gear just in case I got a chance to get out of town on the weekends. Even a large townhouse fills up pretty fast so I left behind the baseball memorabilia and the butterfly collection. Unfortunately, there was no room for my small collection of physics books.

    Probably you are going through a similar experience. However, times are tough now and I suppose you will be staying the dorm or whatever they call that place where they crowd dozens of students together in a single building. Here are some ideas for getting by.

    The sauna you enjoyed at home is not portable and there is no place to put it in the dorm. Not a problem. All you need is a club membership where they have one.

    The dorm will not have stables for your horses. These must stay where they are and you can visit them on breaks.

    You will not be able to invite your rich friends over so the best thing is to make do with the other students in the dorm. Some of them are quite friendly in spite of their lack of finish. Unfortunately they won't be able to join you on weekends at the fancier resorts, but trust me, you don't want to get too close to them anyway.

    You can't bring your servants. This is a problem because the other students will not pick up after you. In this respect they are a lot like rich people and don't even pick up after themselves. Bring some baggies so you can put your dirty clothes in them and throw them away.
  17. Aug 4, 2009 #16
    Lots of dorm buildings have common kitchens for residents, but I think a coffee machine is a good idea, but of course, not everyone drinks as much coffee as I do.
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    What if there was an actual fire? And why is the fire alarm going off so much?
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    Maybe her dorm was just next to the campus fire station....
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    A coffee maker! Holy freakin' crap! Does the list not have that!? That's the most important thing!
  21. Aug 5, 2009 #20


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    How did I miss out having Mr Snyder for a roommate in college? As I recall I put in just those requirements on the message board at the club.
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