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Supercomputer Galaxy Simulation

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    http://www.ibtimes.com/articles/206146/20110830/milky-way-galaxy-model-eris-supercomputer-spiral-galaxy-simulation.htm" [Broken]
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    Awesome. Thanks Orion.
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    How does this explain the galactic halo & globular clusters?
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    May I offer constructive criticism? You know, like if I was in charge. I'd say, "you know guys, that's really nice and I'm proud of your work but I'd like a little more than that." For one, do away with that star-wars esque wording at the beginning. Too dramatic. And full-screen? How I get that to work? Need that. Also, it's too fast and it's 2-D. Would be nicer if it was 3-D on it's side and the viewpoint was fly-by into and out of it. Also, where's all that influx of matter coming from? Other galaxies I suppose. Oh, and color? What's wrong with adding that? When two galaxies collide, won't there be collisions, nova? Didn't see any of that. Also, what about the black-hole in the center, doesn't it ever feed? Isn't there a burst of gamma-rays when that happens? Not sure though. Would be nice to show that unless I'm off-mark with that. Guess what I'm sayin' is that I'd like to see a more energetic, more dynamic process rather than just a swirl of dots going round' the screen. So, "no offense guys. I'm sure you worked really, really hard on this. Nice start and all, job well done. But when's the second version coming out?"

    You guys are welcome to criticize me. How could we make it better if we had more computer power or is anything (or everything) I'm saying inappropriate?. Just want more. We are so into a golden age of Astronomy in my opinion and I often think of the old masters when I see new advances being made today. :)
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    Jackmell, most of the things you are wanting to see are far too small and the timescale is way too condensed to see them. Also, this was not designed to be a simulation of how everything in the galaxy works and interacts, but merely to model the formation of the galaxy as a whole.
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