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Swansea University puts up toilet instruction posters

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    My father who is a facilities manager at a GE building has had to put up similar notices.
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    Well I'm sorry, but we in the Welsh Valleys haven't quite mastered the use of this modern contraption you call the lavatory.
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    In Japan it's typical to see a sign near the urinals "One step forward." To which someone added "Two steps back."
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    I hope that in the UK "toilet roll" means the thin sheets of tissue paper that come off what we on the other side of the Big Pond would call a "roll of toilet paper." Or can your toilets actually accommodate an entire wound-up roll of the stuff at once? :bugeye:

    In my university long ago, the only instructions were scratched on the wall of the booth: "Flush twice, it's a long way to the dining hall."
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    That's why you can't have full independence. If you can't figure out how to use a toilet correctly, you certainly can't run your own country.

    A lot better than what's on the wall of some of the toilets here.
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    A lot of public restrooms need such instructions, at least in the ladies' rooms. One of the office staff was much blunter with toilet instructions in the bathroom closest to their office that seemed to be getting unusually dirty. They posted a sign, "Nobody wants to sit in urine, sit on the seat, don't urinate on it." It worked and now it's the cleanest bathroom on the floor.
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    Uh, the Welsh don't want independence.
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    Do they have anything like the following?

    From our newest and greenest building at work.


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    I confess, when reading the article, I had the same confusion.

    And that, in itself, is an indication that different cultures have different understandings - and that providing instructions is a good idea.

    Anyone who thinks this is a dumb idea has never visited some far foreign country and had to navigate their toilet systems. They can be confusing.
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    Reading the article about it, it made perfect sense given their international student population. I know I was often baffled when in Mozambique. I'd frequently end up in situations such as finding a toilet that didn't flush and had no paper available, but there was a bucket of water next to it. I didn't know if the water was meant for cleaning oneself or flushing the toilet. Since I didn't find a toilet full of waste and bidets were also common, it really could have gone either way, and by the time you realize the dilemma, it's too late to ask someone.
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    True - but it doesn't even have to be a far foreign country. I went to the University of Alaska Fairbanks for a year, and one of the RAs said they often have to coach students coming from remote villages on the how-to's of the bathroom, the communal kitchen, the laundry, key cards, etc.
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    The picture is epic - as epic as the school crosswalk spelled "shcool".

    According to this article, the proper position is to squat - not sit.

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    "Do ensure that used toilet roll is placed in toilet and flushed away."


    What is a "used toilet roll?" Is it a used roll of toilet paper? But people
    don't normally use a roll of toilet paper in one sitting.

    People are to place used portions of a roll of toilet paper into a
    toilet bowl and flush them.

    So the students at this university are to understand this.

    Just wait for the ________ * to hit the fans.

    * realization?
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    This is true, and also why crap gets all over us when we sit. Think about it, all other creatures can just take care of business and walk off.
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    Why do I never learn? I should have known better than to post something trivial on PF, without being:

    1) Chastised with a lecture (in this case on cultural differences), with relevant first hand experiences:

    2) An article linking to a scientific investigation of the topic. In this case, on how to go No. 2.

    As for:
    I don't care what country your from, that is unnecessary. It also implies that if it wasn't recycled: drink away!
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