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TAMU MEEN: Phys 208 (E&M) reccomendations

  1. Dec 3, 2012 #1
    Hi I am currently a freshman going into my 2nd semester of MEEN and Phys 208 or electricity and magnetism is required. I am having trouble fitting it into my schedule and am currently unable to so I am somewhat forced to take it in the summer. Has anyone every taken it at a community college and if so would you recommend (or not recommend doing so). I'm just not sure how important it will be in MEEN future so i f I could get some feedback on that it'd be very much appreciated!

    Andre T.

    Edit: I attend Texas A&M so people at a&m or in a program similiar or graduated
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    I took 208 there (in 2003) and am now doing ME at UH. Most of 208 isn't useful to what I've been doing. Ohm's law and Kirchoff Laws were used in my basic circuits class, but the rest has gone unused (and that's the more difficult stuff). I wouldn't worry about taking it at CC as it's a standard core class in Texas that every CC adheres to so that people can transfer to Universities like A&M
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    Ya from what I remember in high school the circuit stuff was the easiest especially with all the integrating and electric fields 208 teaches. I'm gonna go talk to ME advisor tomorrow and that should help me seal the deal. Thanks for the input helps a lot!
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