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News The CCP dare not talk with the Dalai Lama?

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    21 Mar 2008
    The Dalai Lama on Thursday said he was ready to meet Chinese leaders, including President Hu Jintao, to discuss the Tibet issue, and was even prepared to go to Beijing.

    He told journalists on Thursday that he wants to hold face-to-talks with the Chinese regime in Beijing as China tightens security in Tibet.

    "I am always ready to meet the Chinese leaders, and particularly Hu Jintao. I am very happy to meet," he said.

    The Dalai Lam have said his government-in-exile will make it clear that when Tibet is allowed autonomy and it is peaceful and stable, it could be united with China and prosper.

    The CCP dare not talk with the Dalai Lama,for that will incur attention on the autarchic system!
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    What do you want to discuss?

    I'm aware of the situation but with China's power of veto there is only diplomatic pressure on China, works the same way with the US on the legality of Iraq. You cannot exercise authority over a country with the power of veto, whether an invasion is legal or not. Personally I say since both happened in the lifetime of the UN, they are both illegal. But that wouldn't be a popular opinion, even though they both are contested.

    I don't buy the claim that China has an imperial right to Tibet either, Mongolia might of had that right by conquest, but China is not Mongolia.
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    Boycott the 2008 Beijing Olympics!

    Independence would be harmful.
    A more free China is the Choice.

    Say no to the 2008 Beijing Olympics will help a more free China!

    No participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics! No watch the games! No buy the mementos! If you come to Beijing to see the games,wear a T-shirt bearing the logo above at least?

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    Well I understand you wanting to soapbox this. But I don't think this is really a debate? Anyway, if this thread gets deleted don't take it personally. It's an important issue.
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    Autonomous Tibet under the Dalai Lama was a serfdom with the Tibetan people scraping a subsistence living with an average life expectancy of 37 and pretty much total illiteracy whilst the monks who they served lived in relative luxury.

    Once the Chinese gov't took greater control following the failed uprising led by the Dalai Lama, who unhappy with the large degree of autonomy they already had sought full independence, they have poured billions into the Tibet economy greatly improving the literacy rate and bringing the average life expectancy up to the Chinese average of 70.

    The current problems seem to be a direct consequence of Tibet's economic revival as this has led to a large influx of Han Chinese who now make up about 20% of the Tibetan population. These immigrants are far more successful in business than the indigenous Tibetans whose resentment was demonstrated by their attacking the homes, businesses and the immigrants themselves during the current trouble.

    The Chinese gov't have rushed troops to the area to quell the rioters which seems to have been achieved mainly through a show of force rather than the use of force and so personally I find it hard to fathom exactly what the west thinks the Chinese gov't have done wrong :confused: Should they have stood back and allowed all 'foreigners' in Tibet to be massacred?

    Meanwhile the Dalai Lama, opportunistic as ever, is trying to use the current ethnic violence to further his own ambitions which not unsurprisingly is irritating the Chinese gov't.
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    That's distinctly colonialist perspective you have their. Same goes for African conquest, the destruction of most of the North American Indians, would you justify that as easily? What right does China have to decide Tibet's fate, it has no claim to ownership at all, and is merely using it as a strategic/resource concern. Are we going to assume that Tibet would have remained isolated from the modern world for the last nigh on 50 years? Or reality? Perhaps they should take on Nepal next then the rest of Asia, since the Mongols did and that seems to be their justification for taking Tibet.
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    What has any of that to do with the matter under discussion :confused:

    Are you saying the Chinese gov't should stand off and let the rioters massacre whomsoever they feel like who happen in the main to be Han Chinese?

    If you want to get into the historical perspective you will find Tibet has been under Chinese rule since around 1720 apart from a few spells when it was invaded by the Russians the Nepalese and the British.

    Still if you want to bring in extraneous matters, iirc wasn't it you who called Irish republicans terrorists for rejecting British rule in N. Ireland despite in that situation the republicans being the ones who were the victims of social oppression? Why the change of heart and lack of consistency?
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    No it hasn't? And what right does that give for it to invade it in 1949? I want to get into the whole perspective, after all just ignoring history is pointless. I'm not that bothered by the riots, they are a symptom of the Chinese government, they shouldn't expect it when they are occupying another country. Same as you'd expect it if say Israel was occupying Palestine. Humans are territorial, I don't condone violence at all, but it's going to happen and keep happening. I'd get used to it.
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    Well seeing as how the person who started this thread isn't calling for independence and the Dalai Lama isn't calling for independence and the indigenous Tibet local gov't is not calling for independence that leaves only you and the rioters who burned Han Chinese alive in their shops holding that position. :rolleyes:

    Bottom line is this isn't a 'freedom' movement it is a bunch of thugs practicing racially motivated ethnic cleansing.
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    Good. Free Tibet. :smile: Or am I not allowed to disagree with the OP?

    If the Dalai Llama could get independence he'd want it, after all that's what he's been asking for for years up until recently.
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    Actually the Dalai Lama is happy with any form of government which allows him to reestablish serfdom and enslavement.
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    Sorry but that's just stupid, what makes you think that he's going to reestablish serfdom and slavedom? has he said that?
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    Has he said he wouldn't? In the absence of any new statements on the subject by him it seems fair to presume the 'divine being' is of the same mind as he was prior to his unsuccessful rebellion.

    It's kind of fun but at the same time hard to imagine him and his monks getting jobs to support themselves.

    Anyway getting back to the op who called for a boycott of the Olympics, I still can't fathom why???

    Personally to avoid similar race riots in the future I think the Chinese gov't do need to be more sensitive toward Tibetans' insecurities and limit migration there and perhaps adopt an affirmative action type of approach towards helping the Tibetans compete with the immigrants (and second and third generation offspring of immigrants who are also being targeted by the rioters)
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    Following the initial complaints the Chinese security forces were too aggressive in their management of the riots it seems the Chinese are now being criticised for not doing enough, soon enough. :rolleyes:

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    Monks don't work, in Buddhism the temples are usually provided for by charity. Monks usually beg for food as well. I really don't think the Dalia Lama as Westernized as he now is, is going to come back and install himself as some sort of feudal monarch, that's so 1940's.

    I don't think the Olympics need to be boycotted necessarily, except maybe by Tibet. :smile:
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    Westernised :confused: He lives in India!!
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    He's spent most of his life travelling to and from the US and other Western countries though. Trying to advance his cause of a free Tibet. I think you'll find he's more Western than you think.


    Despite their leaders political stance, I'm still a supporter of free Tibet.
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    Don't worry, most of us don't watch the Olympics anyway. Mainstream TV shows are not pushed aside to show the olympics, so that stuff is mostly on at night when everyone is asleep. I remember back in 2002, the winter olympics in salt lake city were shown after like 11pm until 6am, even though salt lake city is a close time zone to my own. Simply put: nobody has cared about the olympics since the fall of the soviet union.
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