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The curious case of Benjamin Button

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    As with all my movie reviews, this contains spoiler information.

    F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote a light, shallow, short story of this name. The movie is a dark, deep, three hour long story that only takes one thing from the original: Benjamin is born with an old body which grows young. I liked the movie in spite of its shortcomings, too dark, too deep, and too long. Many of the characters were realistic, interesting, likable people who cared about each other. I was glad to have met them.
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    I didn't know it was a Fitzgerald book. I just finished Tender is the Night, not a patch on the Great Gatsby. Apologies for not adressing your post whatsoever.

    It's strange as I read Revolutionary Road last year and then found out 2 months later it was being made into a film, then I read G.Gatsby and T.I.T.Night to find one of his is being made into a film. As a tester I think I'll read Abi Titmuss' Autobiography and see what happens
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    I saw the movie today, and gave it 2 thumbs up. I adored the characters, and the interactions. And yes it was a bit dark.
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    I started to watch it, but after the horrified looks after the birth and the guy giving the baby away, i thought it was going to be an elephant man type film, i really do not like films of this gener, so i stopped it.
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    wow, what power you must have to stop a movie in a theater.
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    I liked it... except for the fact that one does start to notice the length in the flow of the movie itself, not just the fact that one needs to pee after the coke ("the size of a small oil drum and almost as expensive" says http://www.yelp.com/biz/regal-union-square-stadium-14-new-york" [Broken]). I miss the days when longer movies had intermission (I think once even one of the Star Wars movies had intermission). I therefore wish that we'd waited to watch this on DVD, just because we could have stopped it for a break or better yet watched it for two nights instead of in one sitting.
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    Bravo physics girl phd !!!!! We should demand the return of the intermission.
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    Do any guys want a return of the intermission or is it just you weak bladdered women?
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    this movie was freaking amazing guys. best movie i have seen in a REALLLLLLLY long time. let me tell you.
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    I thought the movie "looks" really good. I also liked the part where the guy turns on his backwards clock and I liked the part where we saw the hummingbird when the tugboat captain dies, but I thought it was sort of dumb to have the hummingbird show back up during the hurricane when the old lady dies. What did she have to do with hummingbirds?
    All in all I'd say this movie isn't as good as I wanted it to be. If you really want to see a movie that you can get emotionally into I'd suggest "Marley & Me" or "7 pounds"
    I almost forgot "Slumdog Millionaire" if you have a choice between benjamin button and slumdog millionaire pick slumdog.
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    they have intermissions in every movie to which i've been in Belgium. Even some of the shorter or normal length films. It bugs me, because it jumps you out of the film and out of the experience of being involved with the story and the characters and everything. Then you need to kind of get back into it again and then it ends. pfff. If it's a boring movie then the intermission just makes the pain last longer.
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