What is Curious: Definition and 183 Discussions

Curiosity (from Latin cūriōsitās, from cūriōsus "careful, diligent, curious", akin to cura "care") is a quality related to inquisitive thinking such as exploration, investigation, and learning, evident by observation in humans and other animals. Curiosity is heavily associated with all aspects of human development, in which derives the process of learning and desire to acquire knowledge and skill.The term curiosity can also be used to denote the behavior or emotion of being curious, in regard to the desire to gain knowledge or information. Curiosity as a behavior and emotion is attributed over millennia as the driving force behind not only human development, but developments in science, language, and industry.

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  1. kypanz

    What topics can we discuss respectfully as curious developers?

    Hello guys i am doing the introduction, i am just a simple developer and curious person, i am here just to discuss some things with respect, sorry about my bad english i am learning it, thanks for read and have a nice week :)
  2. Donn

    Exploring the Universe: A High School Student's Dream to Study Physics

    I want to be able to explain phenomena around me and generally understand the universe to the best of my ability.I am looking for a professional path in which i will be able to stimulate and convert my curiousity while having some financial success.I am willing to work arduously in order to learn.
  3. TR094

    A curious young future physicist

    im TR094, i like physics (particle and nuclear physics to be more specific). im at 8th grade right now (in finland grading system goes 1-9, 7-9 being high school). i get good grades at math and science but am weak to laungage. my dream place to work at is in los alamos national laboratory...
  4. C

    What are the connections between cubes and primes?

    I found this forum because I was curious about a facet of cubes and primes. I sent an inquiry to the math department at Angelo State University, but never heard back. I have a BA in accounting, and an MS in statistics. I have always been interested in numbers and their interactions.
  5. C

    Just curious about many things like hydrostatics

    How did you find PF?: I was Googling something and this forum popped up answering a completely different question. It was still very interesting. I wasn't sure what this forum was about and I was prompted to sign up while trying to figure that out. I then received an explanation and am glad I...
  6. abrogard

    B Atomic Energy Levels: Simplified Explanations for the Curious

    I find this very interesting. But it is above my head. Is there a simpler explanation/volume perhaps that I could get, consult? https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/earth-and-planetary-sciences/atomic-energy-levels
  7. Hereweald

    B Curious about this proposition for measuring for FTL

    So the theory relates to measuring yhe state of a quantum particle, say up or down. Specifically this build on the technique described as repeat measurements seen in this video: I understand why repeat measurements wouldn't work. However what if this series of measurements was done multiple...
  8. T

    I Curious about an idea of a modified polariser to send signals with QE

    So I'm curious about an idea of using a specially modified polariser to send signals with quantum entanglement, curious to know what's more there is to learn about the idea, for better or worse, its possibilities or impossibilities. Ok so like in the Bell tests, measuring the spin of an...
  9. theycallmevirgo

    I The Curious Case of The Impotent Magnets

    I connected some magnets with (single strand) wire and solder in a parallelogram pattern, in the process of making a battery pack. After I was through, it seems they lost a great deal of their force, Identical magnets still attract to them, but unpolarized ferromagnetic objects (like the...
  10. jedishrfu

    History The Curious History of Jaywalking

    The article talks about how car manufacturers waged a psychological battle to win ownership of the streets from pedestrians by convincing them to blame themselves for getting hit by a car.
  11. D

    I Curious formula for elliptical polarisation

    Recently, I have been playing with polarisation microscopy and the measuring of elliptical polarisation. Standard treatments, like that in Born and Wolf, are usually a mayhem of all kinds of trigonometric functions. Now I derived a nice relation, which I didn't find in literature, although I am...
  12. F

    Some questions for working Physicists from a curious young Physics student

    What are the majority of days like? Is it always the same everyday or is everyday something brand new? Is there any aspect of this career that you didn’t expect to like that you did? Is there any aspect you didn’t expect to dislike that you did? If you could change one aspect about your job...
  13. Tertius

    A Difference Between Scalar Field Solutions in Curved Spacetime

    A general free field Lagrangian in curved spacetime (- + + +), is given by: L = -1/2 ∇cΦ ∇cΦ - V(Φ) when the derivative index is lowered, we obtain: L = -1/2 gdc∇dΦ ∇cΦ - V(Φ) then we can choose to replace V(Φ) with something like 1/2 b2 Φ2 so: L = -1/2 gdc∇dΦ ∇cΦ - 1/2 b2 Φ2 ** I will...
  14. Nantes

    What causes this curious light phenomenon? (video inside)

    Here is the video: What is the physical explanation to why I see the light make patterns strikingly similar to magnetic lines on that spinning electric fan, depending on how I move the point of view? (the phenomenon happens equally to the naked eye and to the camera).
  15. R

    Curious about how you've seen research work out

    Something I've seen in nuclear materials research is that all of them are basically, I have a material, I am going to shoot energetic particles at it, I am going to record the numbers, take some before and after pictures and talk about what I saw. It does make sense that you would research like...
  16. mikenw

    Curious optical effect related to light passing through a mesh

    I hope someone here can explain this curious light effect! Some background: I have a table with a laptop on it, and a chair sitting at this table that has a mesh back on it that has a pattern of ~2mm holes cut into black material in a regular pattern. I happened to notice one day that I could...
  17. BillTre

    The Curious Studies of David Hu

    David Hu is a mathematician in the Georgia Tech engineering department who studies animals. He gets interested in a lot physical problems involving animals that seem unusual to "normal" people. He has gotten two Ig Nobel awards and been named by the senator Jeff Flake and the author of the...
  18. S

    Curious about Work done by Gravitational force

    Homework Statement I don’t understand why this would relate to cosine and not sine, if gravity is often assiciated in the up and down part of a free body diagram. Homework Equations Wg=mgdcos(theta)[/B]The Attempt at a Solution Is it because it would depend on your reference frame?
  19. curiousman

    Exploring the Physics of Love: A Curious Man's Journey

    Hi, Can love be explained by physics? I've been doing some research with no luck. I know there are a few books about however they treat the subject in a spiritual way with no science behind. Then, I've been reading some "theories" about sympathetic vibrations caused by love; oscillations which...
  20. G

    Curious question regarding Faraday disc / induction, etc.

    before I ask anything I know this has been probably talked about a lot in the past from various different angles, yet when I am searching for answers I cannot find a satisfactory answer that would look at it from the perspective I wish so here is my try. I've talked with a mentor of mine about...
  21. nomadreid

    Curious message after login about administrator

    I attempted to enter a website and work in it which I had successfully done before, with my correct login name and password giving me the rights to work in the website (without limit on the number of times I entered. Oh, and the website is legit: it is a government website, not a pirate.) But...
  22. Jacques Marrot

    B Quantum teleportation from a Curious 10 year Old

    My brother and I are thinking about the problem that NASA has with sending signals to Mars rovers, and quantum teleportation, is in an instant, therefor we thought you could use that, so we just have a few questions for you. We know this is not possible, since particles can’t teleport for...
  23. G

    What is the significance of gliridae in the Physics Forums community?

    Interested in peculiar phenomena and strange situations, curious in any subject and impatient to find out new information.
  24. Jacques Marrot

    B Quantum Teleportation Question from a Curious 10 year old

    I am doing a GT project for elementary school. The questions I have to ask are not too complicated, and I only have 2 questions. I know that during the teleportation of a particle the scientists are using quantum entanglement, but how do the scientists actually entangle the particles, and how...
  25. P

    Curious effect in Command Prompt "Type" command

    I create a text file using notepad or any other text editor or word processor. There is a hyphen in the file. If I then display that file using the TYPE command in the Command Prompt then that hyphen gets replaced with a lower case u with a GRAVE symbol over it. What's going on? No big deal...
  26. M

    Schools Curious for your input to accept my graduate school offer

    I'm currently actually a first year masters student in Software Engineering at a small state school in Wisconsin, but my Bachelor's is in Physics w/ a computational emphasis from the same school. For an undergrad, I had a fairly large amount of research experience in nuclear physics (2...
  27. A

    Why was the curious ape grooming a human? Watch the beautiful video now!

    Beautiful video. Useful perhaps to educate people who are ashamed of our primate cousins? Richard Dawkins says he is proud to be an African ape.
  28. C

    Can Eating 100 Grams of Food Result in More than 100 Grams of Weight Gain?

    simple question, please tell me if my understanding is correctly or not ------------------- our body mass can't come form nothing, it have to come from 'food' we eat. so, If I'm eat 100 gram of food, no matter how high calorie that food is, I never gain weight more than 100 gram. correct...
  29. T

    Questions for curious engineers

    If we had the capability of giving enough momentum to a capsule to fly from Earth's surface to a 'safe' low stable orbit: How high would that orbit be? What initial position, shooting angle and trajectory would you choose? Given that the capsule can slightly modify its own trajectory once in...
  30. Wastrophysicist

    Which Prominent PhD Astrophysicists Have Pursued Different Fields?

    Among some MIT professors, we find Alan Rickman has a PhD in Astrophysics, and he is a professor of Humanities, without even having a degree on it! Jeffrey A. Hoffman too, and he is a professor of Aerospace engineering. Curious, isn't? Then it is Brian May, the guitarist of Queen (and I think...
  31. Eric McMillan

    Curious Digital Audio Electronics Question

    Hello all, perhaps some minds here can help. I am 40 years experienced electronics technician, having specialised in the Audio electronics world in all flavours. I have developed a mixture of materials that can be applied within cable connectors or as an enclosure fitted around electric/audio...
  32. H

    Curious about the answer in this voltage question

    Homework Statement A uniformly charged insulating rod of length 10.0 cm is bent into the shape of a semicircle as shown in the figure below. The rod has a total charge of -9.00 µC. Find the electric potential at O, the center of the semicircle. Homework Equations V=keQ/r The Attempt at a...
  33. A

    What is Physicsforums and How Can It Help Me Explore Technology?

    Hi, I'm basically an Engineering student and love to explore technology. I was lurking and came across physicsforums. It happened many times that I got many of my questions solved here so I thought to make an account on it and start exploring physics at its full extent. That's all I can say.
  34. Umair Shariff

    B Curious question about gravity

    Heyy guys, this just came to my thought, if black holes have enough mass to generate gravity strong enough to bend light and (I m not sure about this but remember reading this somewhere) if gravity travels at the speed of light, does it not make gravity a captive of the black hole??
  35. J

    Curious question about light/photons

    Hi there, If a photon wavelength (yellow) is isolated from the other wavelengths that sunlight emits (once it gets to earth), can that particular particle/photon be distorted slightly into a wavelength that is shorter (perceived as green)? If yes; please explain. If no; please explain. Thank...
  36. Jessica Ann Yost

    Hi. I'm Jess... Crazy/Genius (neither proven)

    I'm not used to introductions. Fortunately, there are places I can go, like this, to find people who can understand what I understand. I'm seemingly self-centered, but I'm thinking for my whole huge family, while they slave away for money they don't honestly need. They don't have time to think...
  37. R

    Curious Number Theory Problem

    Homework Statement : Recently, a group of fellow math nerds and myself stumbled upon an interesting problem. The problem is stated: "Find the average number of representations of a positive integer as the sum of two squares." Relevant equations: N = a^(2) + b^(2), where a and b can be 1 or...
  38. U

    The Curious Case of Pascal Barrels

    Hello! I've been confused about fluid statics, to be more specific, about the hydrostatic pressure. supposedly i have a cylindrical barrel of height h and radius of r: (a). if i were to calculate the total Force inside the barrel, do i use the (Force on the lid + Force on the Sides + Force on...
  39. M

    I'm curious what anyone gets for part d

    Homework Statement After a wild ride on a windsurfer, you head to a lifeguard tower to fly a kite. You stand on the tower, which is 3 meters above the ground and release your kite. You let out 10 meters of string and the kite begins moving according to the following equation: y(t) = (0.9...
  40. D

    Calculating Batteries to Power a PC - A Curious Question

    So 8 AA batteries is 1 Watt, I was just wondering how many batteries it would taje to power my PC for an hour, so if I have a 750W PSU you would do 8x750 to work out the amount of batteries, but is this per minute, second or hour? This is just interest, not actually going to do it!
  41. G

    I'm curious about radiation effect from high speed cpu

    Hello. We're in the age of the high speed computation. Personal computer clock speed is on the order of GHz and scientist looks for a way to raise the speed up to THz class. I've read this from newspaper and got some question. I've learned in class that radiation effect becomes severe as...
  42. I

    Curious About Battery Charging

    So I learned that outlets actually provide a lot more voltage than small electronics like phones need but that transformers are used for voltage optimization. Is the sole reason that this is the case is so that the battery generates less heat and doesn't affect the battery as much? Or is there...
  43. alr1014

    Would rubbing alcohol and vinegar neutralize each other?

    I was reading a post on Facebook about cleaning and it said to mix rubbing alcohol and vinegar and put it in your windown washer fluid tank. Someone commented that it would corrode or eat away at the tubing. I keep thinking the mixture would be an acid /base mixture and would neutralize. I was...
  44. P

    Curious, does TPU/EVA contain BPA?

    I was just given a hydration bladder: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00JY9WFO2/?tag=pfamazon01-20 But NOWHERE on the package does it say it is BPA free. Almost every product now says it is BPA (Including glass jars which I find to be redundant.) free. Another website says it is made out of TPU and...
  45. D

    Please explain curious behavior with my rainwater barrel

    I have a barrel that collects rainwater from the gutters on my house. At the bottom of the barrel is a manual 'faucet' with a round handle for turning the flow on and off. On that spigot, I have installed a "Y" fitting. One side of the "Y" goes to the irrigation hose which I turn on when the...
  46. Ahmad Kishki

    Very curious integral (overlap integral)

    The dx actually precedes the function! What does that mean, please explain it simply, my qm book just brushed over it.
  47. A

    Curious about particle physics

    Hello! I am a new member of this forum. Some of the google searches i made gave wonderful results to the questions i asked. I am really interested in studying particle physics and cosmology. I want a guide to how i would specialise in the subjects and the career options. There are a lot of...
  48. terryds

    A Curious question About Ballistic Pendulum Solution

    I've watched a video about ballistic pendulum problems. The illustration is : I wonder why the final energy is just a gravity potential energy. I think there is also a rotational kinetic energy (since it will rotate and oscillate) Is my thought wrong?
  49. Keystone

    Time and Light: A Curious Link

    Hi, so I was wondering what specifically the link is between light and time, I know that the faster you get the slower time goes for you, and if you go light speed time does not progress for you, but what is it when light bends around something without interaction? Would it cause no time to pass...
  50. H

    Curious definite integral : sine integral times exponential

    Hello PF, I just found a curious integral. I wondered if it comes from a bigger group of integral definitions: \int_0^\infty \mathrm{Si}(ax)e^{-x}\mathrm{d}x=\mathrm{atan}(a) Where Si(x) is the sine integral function \mathrm{Si}(x)=\int_0^x \frac{\mathrm{sin}x}{x}\mathrm{d}x I proved the...