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The Difficult Dictionary Definitions Game

  1. Aug 26, 2007 #1
    Using a dictionary, pick a world. The more obscure and hard-to-understand the better. Post it. The next person posts the definition of the previous word, a funny comment about it and then a new word. You may consult a dictionary.

    I'll start:

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    contumelious - insolently abusive and humiliating

    How about using the word in sentence? "A contumelious member won't last long."

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    Anacreontic -- in the manner of the poems of Anacreon, convivial or amatory.

    "I love Evo's Anacreontic posts, even when they are not meant for me."

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    cachinnate - - LOL

    It's quite sudorific if one is forced to harmonize the anacreontic with the contumelious, whilst facing a cachinnating crowd.

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    sudorific - causes or increases perspiration.

    "The long, gradual incline became sudorific after the first quarter mile."

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    Having a light complexion and light hair.
    A person having a light complexion and light hair.

    The xanthochroid attributes which the Aryan's regarded as superior were built upon recessive genes.

    I love this word.
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    I remember this one from "name that word." I'll pass at answering though.
  9. Aug 27, 2007 #8
    Flyting is a contest of insults, often conducted in verse.

    Jimmy's my name and flyting's my game.
    Your message I'll flame cause you're so lame.
    When your response came, it wasn't the same.
    Your poem was lame and way too tame.
    I'll destroy your fame just like Valery Plame,
    She became the dame that Rove aimed to maim.
    I'll force you to claim that it was all a big frame.
    Ain't that a shame, you're the one to blame.

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