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The end of TVs as a staple room element?

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    Most modern living rooms feature a large flat screen TV. Now with roll-able screens o the horizon people will be able to store the TV in closet and bring it out when they want to watch. Personally I welcome this concept as I think TVs as room elements are ugly and distracting.

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    I don't have a TV or a computer in the 'living room' (but I do have a audio system for background music) because we wanted it to be an oasis in the house away from 24/7 media saturation and technology. What I do have is a dedicated media/theater room that's packed with electronics and is sound insulated from the rest of the house. For the media room's main large screen TV I use a front projector with a pull down screen in addition to smaller LCD monitors.
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    Last time I watched something on my own TV was years ago, I don't there is anything worth watching on TV except sports.
    It just sits idle in our living room.
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    I wouldn't expect that to happen until televisions can be connected to by most devices witelessly. I don't use mine as just a television. It's hooked up to my computer and acts as a console for every piece of intelligent hardware in my house. It's also hooked up to a wii, Xbox, and NES, not to mention the cable box itself.
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    and in our case, hook it up to the TiVo (for live or recorded TV), or the Blu-ray player, or the Apple TV (for streaming music or video)
    A bit of a hassle. ?:) And the nearest closet is two rooms away from the living room!

    I can see further down the line when everything can be handled directly by the TV via a wireless connection, yeah. But then, in our case, there's still the speakers for the audio. Built-in TV speakers are crap. Maybe if soundbars get good enough to replace the pair of entry-level audiophile bookshelf speakers that we use now, mainly for music, although they also help a lot with the TV.
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