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The God Equation

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    Is there really such thing as the god equation, like is it a real equation or just made up??(Hl x π / Ω = C) If so, what does it represent??
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    made up
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    How do you know? I need some proof
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    What is a "god equation"?
    Maybe there is some equation which looks similar to the one you posted. So what? Why should someone call this "god equation"?

    => made up
    And keep in mind that names are just names.
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    Closed, pending moderation.

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    This thread and topic will remain locked, since this subject is completely bogus from a scientific standpoint. For some more explanation, read on.

    A google search on "god equation" provides useful info. To sum things up: the God Equation comes from a numerology crackpot. This article explains it pretty well:

    http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/2009/12/the_god_equation.php [Broken]

    Note: "C" is meant to be the speed of light in a vacuum.
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