What type of problems do you like the most?

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In summary, there are three types of problems commonly found in textbooks: conceptual problems, problems with given values and unknowns, and problems that start with phrases like "show that," "prove that," or "derive an equation in terms of." Some people prefer the second type, as it feels like solving a puzzle and provides a satisfying answer. However, the third type tends to be the least satisfying, as it often involves tedious algebraic or mathematical work. Regardless, learning the theory and using it to solve real-world problems is the most enjoyable for many.f
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TL;DR Summary
Which sort of problems do you get the most pleasure from solving
There’s many types of problems in textbooks for example conceptual problems, problems where you’re given values and asked to find an unknown value and also problems that start with “show that..” “give x can you show y” “derive an equation in terms of…”

Im curious as to what type you like solving the most and what type is less satisfying.

For me I prefer to be given values about a situation and be asked to find an unknown.

I like trying to picture the situation and thinking about what needs to be known to find the value I am looking for.

It feels like a puzzle and for me it’s highly satisfying, especially because you’re looking for an actual real number something you can think “oh that makes sense” or maybe “I’m not sure this is right why would a particle be moving at 500 coulombs per Newton”🤣

And the least satisfying for me has to be the type that start with “show that..” “prove that..” “derive an equation in terms of..”

I just don’t feel like I am getting much from them, I mean you can say I am bias because I struggle with them but even when I can solve them or check the solution I get near zero satisfaction.

On the other hand learning the theory and following derivations and using all this to solve a real problem just hits the sweet spot.
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I enjoyed the problems in my Optics classes the most. Probably because I was very interested in the topic, unlike other classes.
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I like solving conceptual problems, especially paradoxes.
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I like solving conceptual problems, especially paradoxes.
This is what I need to sit down and spend time with. I think because I’m still studying first year physics I’m just too impatient and really want to get onto the next level. So I just ignore all the discussion/conceptual questions.
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I like most problem solving but I find that one type that I DON'T like is where the problem is conceptually straightforward but algebraically (or otherwise mathematically) tedious.

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