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"The Great Wall", a movie for the Mythbusters of yore

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    Saw this yesterday and was thinking of Adam and Jamie afterwards. Several things in the movie were, IMNSHO, testable.

    1. How much gunpowder would be needed to blow open a door made of iron reinforced wood that is 100mm or so thick?

    2. Can you make a flying guillotine out of a shield? (A revisit, IIRC.)

    3. The aerial work, some aspects of it at least.

    Maybe not a whole "special", but certainly some fun, with explosions.
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    Interesting concept and great director but from the trailer it looks like a typical monster movie. I think Matt Damon is criminally miscast for this role.
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    Boss Lady and I had fun. Can't ask for more than that.
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    Well, I have an addiction to really goofy action movies . . . and was a big fan of the first two Bourne flics. But that trailer . . . and Matt Damon's "accent" . . . and the pointlessness of casting a white guy in the lead of a pseudo-historical Chinese movie . .. . I'll pass. That trailer in just awful-seeming. I'd gotten the impression Damon has been careful in the past in what he picks to do, but this seems an outlier.

    As far as the Great Wall, and monsters coming at it? Reminds me of the "Wall of Life" that did not fare very well in another goofy action movie, Pacific Rim. Which I admit to liking quite a lot. So it's not like I can defend my taste . . .
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    "Pacific Rim."
    Can't speak for the Wall, but I got ten minutes into 'Pacific Rim' before shutting it off lest I threw things at the TV...
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    Just live action anime.
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    Agree. I went in forearmed. It was a fun romp.
    I wouldn't call it sci-fi. Maybe techno-fantasy?
    Actually live action anime sums it up perfectly.
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    I just got out from seeing 'Life'.
    It was a fun, scary romp.
    But it was an even smaller story than I thought. It involved exactly six characters in a world only 357 feet end-to-end.
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    Downloading, will take a look.
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