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The Hobbit -- Battle of 5 Armies

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    I just watched the teaser trailer for TH-Bo5A (though it's now several months old).

    I gather they're re-using Billy Boyd's haunting song from LotR--RotK?
    Or was that just for the trailer?

    Hmm,... other sites suggest the closing theme for TH-Bo5A might be a different original composition by Boyd et al. (I didn't know he had composed the LotR song -- he's very talented.)
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    I think this is last hobbit movie is the one I am most excited about.
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    Very excited myself, though don't expect it to be anything like Return of the King, It could ruin the movie for you.
  5. Feb 19, 2016 #4
    I hope to see a prehistory for Hobbit too :) Really interesting story. Oh, and watch the Extended edition :)
  6. Mar 10, 2016 #5
    it would have been better named the bloating of the five pages
    as in the book the battle is fully described in only five pages and although it looks like an awesome battle i would assume it is little more than a money grab.
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    their are a decent amount of books some of which set before the hobbit most notably the silmarillion (really hope they make a film for this one too) this is in my opinion the best book of J.R.R Tolken
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    The problem with making a movie of "The Silmarillion" is that it was written and reads more like a history book than a novel.
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    That is true but the hobbit didnt stick to the books either
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