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I The Mandela Effect: Possible lead?

  1. Jan 28, 2017 #1
    Hello, I would like to start by saying I'm not sure if this is the right forum for this, I created an account here today after positing to a friend of mine a random thought I had. I was enjoying a video on YouTube about the Berenstain Bears theory, that claims a large amount of people who are familiar with the books remember them titled "The Berenstein Bears", which is interesting to me because I myself thought it was Berenstein (and understand the psychological explanation behind why this is). However the video I was watching was rather satire, and it's outside the box nature gave me an interesting idea. What if: When you die, assuming what we know about perception and the multiverse, your perception of reality (outside of conscious perception) is "transmuted" and you begin to perceive an alternate reality while maintaining your memory of what happened in the previous reality (or maybe parts and become subconsciously, consciously unaware of things).

    My reason for believing this is that at a younger age I was 'almost' struck down by a speeding car, my mother pulled me out of the way. What if at that point in my life, I was struck down, and am now in the Berenstain reality? This is of course just random thought that I have no idea where else to put for decent critique and I feel weird for posting it as I feel a little insane and outside the box, but it's so chilling to myself and my friend that I can't help but share and see if anyone else gets some tingles. Please let me know what you think! Also please let me know if this is too outside the box and vague.
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    I'm not sure where to settle this: linguistic, philosophy, American history or literature. However, none of these are accepted subjects on PF the way you approached it (too vague). Therefore I close this thread.

    If you have a more detailed question about MWI which is in itself highly speculative, feel free to post it in a new thread. In this case a scientific source to commonly discuss on would be very appreciated.
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