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'The Most Dangerous Moment In History'

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    Just another great video on youtube. Thought it was worth sharing. Sorry if it's a bit too sentimental or emotional. But, I guess there is a good reason that it is so. Anyways post what you think, thanks.

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    I love that man and he is looking good.
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    Cuban Missile Crisis
    I think that guy ought to be posthumously (he died in 1999) awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

    I was 14 at the time and remembered being at school (in Cambridge, England) on Saturday 27th October feeling sick in the stomach thinking ; "Today is the end of the world".

    Every Sunday we would tend to go as a family for a drive in the country, or go to relatives in Peterborough, living in Cambridge that meant driving through the Fenlands and passing the massive USAF bases at Alconbury or Mildenhall. That Sunday we drove deeper into the fens and passed an RAF base with all its AA missiles ready for launch. I kept scanning the horizon from the back of the car for flashes of light and mushroom clouds, thinking, "This is it". As time went on my fears subsided but now later I can reflect on how nearly right I had been. It still brings me out in a cold sweat.

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    Always is good listen Robert McNamara is a good morning start up :) very emotional
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