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B The Most Primitive Star-Forming Galaxy Ever Found

  1. Sep 8, 2017 #1
    Lying 620 million light-years away, this galaxy has the lowest oxygen abundance ever seen in a star-forming galaxy.

    Link: New Scientist
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    Interesting! From the article:

    "A small galaxy in the constellation Lynx that only recently started making stars has the lowest level of oxygen ever seen in a star-forming galaxy. That makes it the best place yet to probe the chemical elements cooked up by the big bang."
    "the newly found galaxy spawned 80 per cent of its stars in just the past few million years. The hottest of these stars emit the same kind of blistering radiation that reionised the universe shortly after the big bang. The galaxy serves as a surrogate for the galaxies we can’t yet see that transformed the entire cosmos some 13 billion years ago."

    I think that's an important observational discovery.
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    Although, extrapolating from a sample size of one carries with it risks.
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