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The philosophy of Wormholes, Blackholes, Deep space, etc

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    Many scientist have actually wondered what scientific discoveries await from the beginning of a wormhole to the bitter end on the other side. But what exactly can be waiting on the other side at the very end of that dark abyss? What do we truly know about the deep regions of space and time?
    -We know that it is a singularity of infinite matter that has contracted and collapsed upon itself is considered to be a black hole.
    -We have theories of the famous Einstien Rosen Bridge which can form a rip through space and time.
    -We have more theories that specifically states that space is in fact "infinite".

    How can we know for sure that space is indeed infinite when we as a species have only begun to scratch the surface of Inter-galaxy study and Universal study? To assume that this world is the only planet that has the ability to support life due to the right zoning of our planet from the bright star known as the Sun is very profound to say the least. Without proper evidence that could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that planet Earth is in fact the only planet in the cosmos that can sustain life, what reason do we have to say that there aren't anymore just like the one we live on today? With the vast array of universes and galaxies spread far throughout space there should be no reason that scientist rule out the fact that we are alone in the cosmos.
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    you may want to read the philosophy forum guidelines stickied at the very top of this subforum.
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    This thread does not meet the minimum requirements to post in this section. Please be sure to read both sets of rules stickied at the top of the Philosophy forum. Rules must be followed when posting.
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