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A Gravity as space-time curvature?

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    Hi there. I was wondering that if mini or micro black holes could theoretically exist, and if not all black holes need to "devour' matter, then could it be possible that all things we perceive to have gravity could possibly be caused by a mini or micro black hole at the center of massive objects such as the sun or planets? I was wondering because it just seems strange that so many cosmological bodies orbit or revolve around other even more massive bodies much like the galaxies revolve around a supermassive black hole. We still have yet to really define what gravity is and there seems to be no explanation other than a correlation between mass and gravity, but what if gravity is only determined by the mass of these theoretical micro black holes? Could it be that everything may have cooled and coalesced around these micro black holes and thus we perceive it as mass and space-time curvature dictating gravity and its behavior? Just want to hear your thoughts because I have no data or numbers to support this idea, but it is a neat thought experiment.
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