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The 'Verse from Firefly/Serenity

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    A pair of maps.

    A map that better demonstrates my point.

    Right, I first started suspecting that something was hinky with the Complete and Official Map of the 'Verse when I realized that Red Sun was in Georgia's L3 position. Doesn't seem particularly stable when dealing with a timescale of stellar lifetimes. But it claims to be astronomically sound, so I was going to give them the benefit of a doubt.

    However, Blue Sun is blue, and since it turns out there's no such thing as a blue dwarf (well, there will be in about three hundred billion years, but that's neither here nor there) I can only assume it's a blue giant--meaning it's far more massive than White Sun.

    Right, your job is to either show me that I'm a fool for doubting or come up with a better configuration for the suns of the 'verse.
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    Vanadium 50

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    1. This is fiction. It's not real.
    2. This is fan fiction. It's even less real.
    3. In the show, "Blue Sun" was a brand. It doesn't imply a real in-universe blue sun any more than "Green Giant" implies that there are actual green giants on the earth.
    4. There are blue (class O and B) subdwarfs.
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    A blue star would be a very, very bad place to terraform a planet. The spectrum is massively shifted towards the UV-range and the star doesn't last long enough before it heads off the main sequence, not long enough for a terraformable planet to form and cool down.

    These maps also have a lot of stars that are in orbit around stars that are in turn in orbit around stars... For that to be a stable configuration for each such step there must be a big difference in mass. Like, massive. It also appears to have a lot of habitable planets crammed into the same goldilocks-zones, likely far too many per star, which would lead to orbital perturbations which would make the configuration unstable.

    It is sad when TV-shows with space cowboys don't respect science...
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    But they're not ABOUT science. They're about selling soap.
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    1. Stop being a killjoy.
    2. Firstly, this is actually "Official", which is basically "canon-lite". Secondly, stop being a killjoy.
    3. TVIN--and the very maps I linked to--both have actual, physical places called Blue Sun.
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    Uh ... if someone giving you factual information is your version of someone being a killjoy, you are REALLY not going to like this forum.
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    Personally, I'd prefer bringing in "one big lie" like FTL instead of the way those maps dances yodeling around everything we know about stellar and planetary evolution, orbital mechanics and the fact that A CIVILIZATION CAPABLE OF TERRAFORMING TWO DOZEN PLANETS IN A REASONABLE TIME-FRAME ARE POPULATED BY COWBOYS.

    Its a natural reaction, you are asking us to hold back too much of our instincts. It is like when someone on that-other-forum goes "guys, what if Japan takes Siberia and thereby the axis win the second world war!!?" and everyone on there with the slightest idea of how history/logistics/climate/terrain works goes "myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyynnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhh"
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    Complaining about someone wanting to discuss the physics of a science fiction universe on the sci-fi and fantasy board of a physics forum is not giving anyone (meaningful) information.
    Yeah, well, that won't necesarilly result in the creation of any interesting solar systems, and definitely not as interesting as what happens if we try to cram it all together. :P
    ...Except that's the opposite of what's happening? I'm taking something fictional and trying to make is slightly more realistic.
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    I think you misunderstand the purpose of this forum.
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    Where in his post was there any 'complaining'? All I saw were statements of fact.
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