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Theoretical methods for the realization of tech. enabled telekinesis

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    Theoretical methods for the realization of tech. enabled "telekinesis"

    Ok, so the title is rather self explanatory, but essentially I am just curious as to everyone's opinions on a Theoretical method for the realization of technology enabled telekinesis.

    So first let me lay down a few constraints:

    This must function through some form of measurement of "brain waves"

    This should be converted into an action over a general "movie" distance (0-50m)

    There should be no "physical" connection between the user and the object(s) being moved

    Be creative, and be physically sound.
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    My Idea

    So how I would go about this is via electroencephalography-nanobot swarm.

    To elaborate;

    One would use some form of a wearable electrode (an EEG device) as well as an eye tracking device. Via visualization of the object moving, the signal being produced would be converted into a vector motion from the current position of the object (as perceived by eye tracking device, as well as possibly a front facing camera) to the desired position. Which would then be executed by a swarm of nanobots acting through synchronous action to move the object, now the method by which this movement will actually occur is a sticking point for me, or more so the limits on mass and dimensions.

    SO, a second proposed topic would be to detail a method for nanobots that can attach to any object, and/or the more technical details of the swarm's limitations for the mass of objects based on the density of the swarm, etc.
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