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Theory of Everything Obssession

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    I am very humble to be here, an undergrad in BSC in Journalism, the trademark is still there, I am more expressive in writing than verbally. Let me thank all people that made this website possible, it has friendly looks and feel, I hope I can make many many new friends, please don't laugh at me for my boldness and please be honest if you can see a worthwhile with the science experimentation I did that requires peer analysis.


    I will be very honest and available with your questions on my earned field, spiritual mandala artist, as a spiritual person, I have my own energy - frequency - consciousness.

    Meanwhile, I have to introduce myself to others and make them my friends as soon as possible.
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    Welcome to PF!

    Please take some time to read PF guidelines.

    We try to maintain a site where students can ask questions and learn about mainstream science and math. In general, we also don't dwell on personal theories or speculative science so keep that in mind as you explore the site and contribute to the community.

    Have fun and take care.
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    Hi, I am here to have friends, open-minded friends. Please don't put me off and turn me down, it will make me sad. There is a phenomena with more than 1 evidence. Where would you want me to go, when it needs science to validate the phenomena.

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    This is two separate experiment, the second lasted for 25 days. The person who experimented was not me, she lives in Bandung and I gave her the mandala via upload, she downloaded and printed it.

    What can we theorize about the function of mandala towards the freshness of the fruit?

    First, we need to establish a hypothesis? A hypothesis (plural hypotheses) is a proposed explanation for a phenomenon. For a hypothesis to be a scientific hypothesis, the scientific method requires that one can test it.
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    You need to read and understand things FIRST. For example, this is the rule about the type of post in the "Member Introduction Forum"


    It is for new members to introduce themselves and say hi. All other types of discussion must be done in the appropriate forum!

    If you are not able to comprehend something that simple, how are we able to discuss with you something more complicated than that? And this applies to the Rules of PF that you had agreed to. Spend some time reading it carefully, because if you continue with this, you will run into a bunch of trouble here.

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    If you test it and publish a paper in a reputable peer-reviewed scientific journal, then you can discuss it here. Not until then. Thread is closed.
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