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This is my dilemma Can you help me please?

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    Hi Guys I really need your help I'm from Egypt BTW not from the states.

    I've always wanted to be an engineer but I missed up in high school had a family crisis and it affected me and my grades dropped down massively and got expelled for ditching school and lost my only shot of scholarship (The one thing i regret the most)

    my family doesn't have much we are fairly poor and they can't afford to send me to Collage and i can't work to pay for it because it will take about 7 to 11 years of working to get the entire tuition money (3RD WORLD COUNTRY Which means Engineering school cost around 100 to 125 grand and a guy with a high school degree will make barely 9 to 11 grand a year ) so you get the picture .

    I wanted to ask if there's any way i could become an engineer without going to college.

    PS. I've always been great in teaching my self stuff and I've been pretty good in mathematics since i was 5 I never got any thing but the full mark in all my exams before high school i guess . and in high school I've taught my self the entire calculus curriculum in 3 days and did the same with algebra and Trig but i didn't have time to study mechanics or geometry which affected my overall mathematics grade and I've never attended a single class (In Egypt the Last two years of high school have no term exams and there's no grades except your final exam no activities or projects or any thing everything relies on your grades in the final and only exam )

    I've been out of high school for 3 years now i tried literature and arts school (free school no fancy tuition ) but i dropped out before the first midterm it was so incredibly boring and i've done it just to please my parents and now it's been two years I've been trying To find any thing else i might like but so far there's nothing even computer programming was no good for me.

    So please if there's any way or any thing that can be done without going to collage I'm willing to do it.

    And I'm so sorry for making such a big topic but i really need your help and sorry Again if it wasn't in the right forum.
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    Vanadium 50

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    I'm afraid that being an engineer without an engineering degree is like being a doctor without a medical degree. It's impossible.
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    I thought so :(
    well thank you so much for your response .
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    you learned calculus in 3 days? Impressive
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    You might consider saving up some cash and leaving Egypt is the situation is that bad. I can't speak for anywhere else, but in the United States, Community/Jr. Colleges are extremely affordable, even working a minimum wage job. Since you mentioned that your Highschool grades were less than stellar, this might be a viable option for you. Granted, you would have to pay out of state tuition. Where I live, in-area/state tuition is generally about one hundred dollars per hour, and out of state is roughly 350 per hour.

    With 4 courses per semester, 3.5 credits per course (average), and 3 semesters per year, that's about 15 grand per year. 30 grand for two. That is definitely "doable". I would like to think that in that time frame someone could work out citizenship, financial aid, or something to make the remaining two years at a University affordable. Private schools usually have one tuition for all students, so that might be an option, but again, I am not sure of the specifics.

    A good friend of mine, and coworker, saved all of his money and moved himself to the U.S. from Iraq and finished a 4 year degree at a public university with two spent at a community college while fully supporting himself with no debt.
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    Woopydalan Thanks you so much :D
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    WOW that's really incredible but the problem is I can't leave Egypt not at least before the next couple of years because Joining the Army here is mandatory U can't dodge it Unless you have no brothers and i have one so they won't allow me to leave before finishing my service which can be 1 to 3 years and it depends to when I've been summoned they might take me today or after 3 years in the meantime i can't leave the country but I can go by my self and try to finish it fast but giving the current events i don't wanna go now because they might force me to attack the protesters and most of them are like me just young kids looking for an opportunity and freedom or simply won't let the death of a family member go to waste so i can't be one of the tyrants .

    But thank you so much this is an incredible idea i didn't think about it
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