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This was my last semester at junior college

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    I'm transferring from San Jacinto College, and I'll be at the University of Houston starting in the spring. I've taken Cal I-III, Linear Algebra, and University Physics I and II. It looks like I might get an A in both Linear Algebra and University Physics II which means I received an A in all the aforementioned classes. If it the case, I'm proud of my work. I've noticed it is more beneficial to have already the mathematics prerequisite as well. So, I will take Differential Equations before I start my next physics courses which are Modern Physics I and II.

    Any advice/tips/suggestions for this big transition?
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    From my experience so far, the transition from community college to a larger University isn't too bad. Just be ready for less "one-on-one" opportunities with professors, thus more self-learning. The fact that you have earned straight A's bodes well for you, since no matter what school you're at, earning an A is an accomplishment. Plus, it shows initiative to learn on your own. Don't worry too much about it, you should be fine.
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    That's good hear. Yeah, I certainly devoted plenty of time to actually learning the material and doing well in the classes. Oh, I am a physics major, by the way. I know not everyone on this site is.
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