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Throwing money around in hollywood

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    Do they use real money in movies and on tv? For example, i'm watching Curb your enthusiasm and Larry is doing some part for this movie and he's slapping people with money and tossing money around and they're on top of a skyscraper. What i'm wondering is, do they use real money? If they are printing the money for the money, isn't that illegal (if so, i'm sure they have had some agreement with the Treasury Department)? Anyone know the deal?
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    It's fake money, just looks similar enough to pass onscreen.
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    Do they have agreements with the US treasury department?
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    Actually, I hear they get fans to donate. Then they pay the fans back in double as a thank you, after the movies made millions. Why don't you send them some money and see how that goes.

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    No need if they clearly write on it "not for legal tender," just like it says on Monopoly money. It probably looks pretty fake in person anyway.
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    Is this what they pay their actors with? I don't think they'd notice.
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